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Fyodor Dostoevsky - travel

Dostoevsky traveled a lot and for different reasons; his health, debts, or just to get away from everything and everybody. He was also fond of gambling, something that had devastating effects on his economy. He didn't stop gambling until 28 April 1871, according to Anna Snitkina.
1862: The first trip to Europe - London, Paris, Geneva.
1862-1863: The second trip abroad he does in part together with Apollinaria Suslova. He plays the roulette in Wiesbaden, Baden-Baden and Homburg. The impressions from this trip is to be found in The Gambler, the very same book that brought Dostoevsky and Anna Snitkina together.
1865: The third trip is a repetition of the second, with Suslova accompanying him for some of his travels.
1867-1871: Fyodor and Anna Snitkina marries and they go on a wedding trip to Dresden, Baben-Baden and Geneva. In February 1868 their daughter Sonia is born, but dies three months later. The Idiot is published and the berieved couple moves to Vevey, Milano and Florence. In 1869 they move again to Prague and then back to Dresden where the daughter Lubov is born in September. The next year The Eternal Husband is published. Dostoevsky and his wife stays abroad until July 1871 when they come back to Petersburg.
1874: The first of Dostoevskys' summer trips to the spa in Bad Ems for treatment of his lung disease. He does this trip again in 1875, 1876 and 1879. These trips seems to have some effects on his health which is why he returns three times. But his weak body can't be saved despite these efforts and he dies in Petersburg 28 January 1881.

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