Fotboll (aka Soccer)

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Football with playing-cards

A cardgame for 2 players.
The players have one regular 52 playing-cards deck each, it's allowed to add 0, 1, 2, 3, or 4 jokers. It doesn't matter if some cards are missing. Technically this game is a bit like memory and "Starve the fox".

The cards are ranked as usual (A,K,Q,J and 10 to 2). The colors doesn't matter, but the jokers are a bit special, more on them later.

Both players put 11 cards on the playing field, with the frontpage down, just like the image below. It's allowed to see the cards for yourself. The remaining cards are put in the library.

the playfield:

Mv=Goalkeeper, B=Defenders M=Midfielders och F=Forwards.

toss a coin or whatever to see who starts. The one that doesn't start the first half will start the 2:nd half.

The gameplay is like this: You take the top card in the library and chooses one of the opponents cards in the closest row, at the start it's probably the forwards row. Highest card wins, if they are the same: it's the attacker who wins. The attacker then puts his card in the discard pile.

If the defender card looses, it is removed from the field, and the attacker continues the turn. The attacker may now choose a card in the midfielder-row aswell but it's also allowed to choose a card in the same row again, and if the attacker wins again, it's then allowed to attack a card in the defender-row.

When at least one card is removed from every row (the 3 rows on your opponents side), it's allowed to try to make a goal. Shots on the goal are the same thing, if the attacker-card is higher or equal to the goalkeeper it's a goal, otherwise it's not of course and the turn is over.

If the defendercard wins, then the defendercard stays in the field, it remains with the frontpage down and the turn goes over to the opponent.

At the start on any turn, the player may choose on what to do. It's allowed to lay down new defendercards on the places where they were taken or attack immediately. But if you attack and loose your turn you are not allowed to lay new defendercards until it's your turn again.

You are allowed to make substitutes, but only when all missing cards have been replaced and before you start to attack. Before you make the substitute your opponent should be notified and you show the card you discard. It's not allowed to substitute the same card again during the same turn and only 3 substitutes are allowed during a complete game.

The game goes on until both players library-piles are empty. If your library-pile is empty when it's your turn, the turn goes over to the opponent who continues until his library-pile is empty, then the first half is over. During the halftimebreak the players take all the remaining cards from the field and discard-pile and shuffles all the cards again. Then new cards are laid down on the field and the second half can start.

The jokers have some special rules. They are ranked higher than the Ace but a defending joker has to be removed after the first "challenge". If a goalkeeper or defender is a joker and the attacker is a diamond, then the attacker is rewarded with a penalty. If a midfielder or forward is a joker and the attacker is a diamond, then the defending player gets a warning. If a player gets 2 warnings in a game, then a card is "sent out" and the attacker has one row less to pass on his way towards the goal.

Penalties are simple, the attacker takes 2 new cards from the library and adds the value (J=11, Q=12, K=13, A=1, Jokers=0 and the others their number) which is the compared to the goalkeeper (same values except Ace and Joker who are worth 15). If the penaltyshooter is higher than the goalkeeper or equal to it, it's a goal. If not, it's not a goal of course.

For a little extra flavor, you can make charts with playernames, for scoring purposes: (if queen would score then the name is Tomas Brolin)

Sweden All Time Stars!
Ace Gunnar Gren
King Torbjörn Nilsson
Queen Tomas Brolin
Jack Gunnar Nordahl
10 Henrik Larsson
9 Kennet Andersson
8 Nils Liedholm
7 Andreas Andersson
6 Per Zetterberg
5 Stefan Schwarz
4 Klas Ingesson
3 Håkan Mild
2 Martin Dahlin

Nice decks grade
PSV Eindhoven 5
IFK Göteborg 4
IFK Norrköping (blue) 3
IFK Norrköping (red) 3
Örgryte IS (red) 3
Örgryte IS (blue) 3
Helsingborg IF 3

that number:

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