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Army of Darkness

Welcome to the second edition of my Army of Darkness page. My name is Robin Calvin and I am a real fan of Bruce Campbell and his movies. Since Army of Darkness happens to be my all-time favourite movie, it was quite natural for me to create my own webpage about it. When my first AOD-page opened in October 1996, I recieved a lot of ecouraging E-mail from AOD-fans from all over the world. Since then I have put down much time and effort in the creation of this second edition of the page, which now has grown to a whole archive. Enjoy!

So, what is this "Army of Darkness" all about?

Army of Darkness is the third and last part in a series of horror-movies by Sam Raimi, starring Bruce Campbell as the hero Ash, a quite ordinary guy who works as a clerk in a mall called "S-Mart". Ash gets sucked into a tornado and ends up in medieval England, equipped only with a shotgun and a chainsaw. There he must retrieve an unholy book from an ancient graveyard in order to create a passage back to his own time. Unfortunately he fails to pronounce the spell that unlocks the curse over the book, which results in the awakening of an army of undead warriors...

Army of Darkness isn't exactly the typical horror-movie, since it contains lots of "Monty Python"-like humour and other bizarre scenes you don't expect from an ordinary horror-movie.

Different versions

There are two different versions of the movie. The original version had an unhappy ending that was edited out and replaced before the movie went up in movie-theatres in the United States. In the middle of the movie, after Ash just has shot his evil counterpart, he says "Good, bad, I'm the guy with the gun", but in some versions of the re-edited release-version, he says "I ain't that good".

I've read that the original version is available on video in Great Britain, and on Laser-disc in Japan. I'd sure like to get my hand on a copy of one of those, because I only own the European release version, although I've seen the original ending once on a bootleg copy of the original version that had a really lousy picture-quality.

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