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New Version: 3.4!
Updated 2001-01-14

 For fun we have developed this free Chinese dictionary.  The data  for this software is mainly Cedict and Unicode UNI-Han files. Both of them are free files from the net. We have from these files created databases which is used in our software. With this software you can search for words in English or Chinese ( both character and pinyin search ). You can view the characters without any extra software. New features in the latest version is improved search from Internet, full resize capability, new layout etc. Below is a low resolution screen shoot from the software

- You can search for more than 55.000 words/expressions (You can download updates in the future for more words.
- Search on English, pinyin, radical, number of strokes etc.
- Search on general terms or exact spelling
- View simplified or traditional characters.
- Pinyin spelling always given with both tone marks and tone numbers.
- You can have all characters with a specific radical shown or all characters with a specific number of strokes etc.
- Click on a character on a Internet page and have it translated instantly.
- Save your personal settings such as background colors, fonts, traditional characters or simplified etc.
- Easy update from new Cedict files.
- View Cantonese, Japanese or Korean translations,

Included in the software is a simple Chinese text editor and a pinyin editor. You can type Chinese characters or pinyin with you normal keyboard.

Other features with this software is e.g.  translate all single character in a sentence, like this with pinyin and explanations.

For all of those functions you can view the Chinese characters without any external software. The program will show correct characters.


Now also with instant look up of characters from the Internet or other texts. If you find a character in a text that you want to look up you simply copy it. The software will look it up for you and present it like in this picture. You can have this function loaded all the time or turn it off. Even if you minimize the program to the icon tray it will will still work and be ready for your commands. This function works with both external software's like China star or NJstar and with pages coded by Microsoft's IME system (Automatic language display in Internet explorer, E-mail, word etc.) You can also translate whole pages or texts. (This is still a beta version, today you can copy a whole text and paste it in to a form and then move the mouse over the characters to have them translated.)

This Chinese dictionary is totally free of charges to download and use, no time limits! You are not allowed to resell it!

For more information, please visit our home page:

From our home page you can also download future updates, updated databases etc. We do also offer you a variety of other tools for learning Chinese and Japanese etc.

The software works with normal Access databases. This means that you can edit the files as you like, if you have Access. The database is not to be used in any other applications without our permission! We are working on a new database, normailized to the third form.

Please send us comments, both if you like the software and if you want something more from it. We are working on features such as text to speech ( Like our Japanese dictionary ) etc.

We have one small request of you if you download the software. It would help all users of the Cedict file if you send in at least one word/expression or sentence that you can't find in the dictionary. Use the forms in the software to send us a mail with the missing word. It is enough if you write like: " I cant find  "To be or not to be"  in the dictionary."  We will translate it and add it to the database. If every user did this, the database could grow much faster than today. Please try to help us all. Any word will do and many  people will appreciate your help!

Download the dictionary, Full version: FREE!

Size:8.8 Mb.
Version: 3.4.0 Updated 2001-01-14

For Windows 95/98/NT/2000


On some versions of Microsoft's Windows there is a bug in a file that is used to show Chinese characters. The file to correct this ( from Microsoft ) are included in the zipfile and will install it self.

If you have an older version of the dictionary and want the lastest, you can download this( 879 Kb). It is the EXE file itself. Replace the old exe wiht this( you have to unpack it first, it is a zip file).

If you need a Chinese font you can download this


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