Buy a CD with Tom Tuff?

  • You can order our CD-album, "Sätta Spegel" for about 14 US dollars.
    Exactly how to behave depends on where you live. Tom Tuff Records is a tiny (and not very commercial) industry, so it´s difficult (and expensive) to have banking routines.
    Send us a Mail and we´ll tell you how to order.


    1. Må bättre/Patetisk bön
    2. Hymn för Brända broar
    3. Dadeli
    4. Minns
    5. Shipbuilding
    6. Segelspår/Explorer
    7. Posten
    8. Fågeln har landat
    9. Vattensång (Bladder)
    10. Om bara...
    11. Pair of Shoes
    12. Röda Skor


    You can also write your order to:

Tom Tuff
c/o Brandt
Skäringby Skola
S - 740 12 Knutby
Tel: 0046 - 174 405 88