HMS Resolution Dad served from 22-11-38 to 10-04-40
  Dad's photo of HMS Resolution entering Plymouth Harbour
Battle Honours: Atlantic 1939-40, Norway 1940

Royal Sovereign Class Battleships

aka: 'R' class; Revenge class

Displacement: 29,150 tons standard; 33,500 tons full load
Dimensions: Length (O/A) 620'5" Length (W/L) 614'5" Beam 102'5" Draft 28'5"(avg) 30'5"(max)
Propulsion: 4 shaft Parsons geared turbines; Boilers: 18 Babcock & Wilcox (Revenge, Ramillies & Royal Sovereign), 18 Yarrow (Resolution & Royal Oak); 40,000 shp= 23 knots at 320 rpm, maximum sea­going speed 36,000 shp= 20.75 knots (less after torpedo bulges added)
Range: 3,400 tons oil fuel (normal maximum stowage); 160 tons coal
Complement: 1,009 to 1,146
Armament: 8 x 15" guns in 4 twin mount turrets, 12 x 6", 8 x 4" AA, 4 x 2pdr. pom-poms, 16 x 40mm Bofors
Armour: Main Side Belt: 13.0" midship, 6" - 4" ends; Deck Armour up to 5". Turrets 13" face, 5" sides, 5" roof. Barbettes up to 10". Citadel 11"

HMS Royal Sovereign

[photo #1] [photo #2]
Built by Portsmouth Dockyard. Laid down 15th January 1914.
Launched April 29th 1915. Commissioned May 1916.
Transferred to USSR May 30th 1944 as Archangelsk. Returned February 9th 1949.
Scrapped 1952.

HMS Royal Oak

[photo] [photo #2] [photo #3]
Built by Devonport Dockyard. Laid down 15th January 1914.
Launched November 17th 1914. Commissioned May 1916.
Torpedoed and sank by U-47, October 14, 1939 in Scapa Flow. [Scapa Flow #2].

HMS Ramillies

[photo 1939] [photo 1943]
Built by Beardmore & Cammell Laird Co. Laid down 12th November 1913.
Launched 12th September 1916. Commissioned October 1917.
Became training ship at Portsmouth. Sold for scrap 20th March 1948.
More photos (1930-34) at Andrew Mayled's site.

HMS Revenge

[photo] [photo #2]
Built by Vickers. Laid down 22nd December 1913.
Launched 29th May 1915. Commissioned March 1916.
Became stokers training ship. Sold for scrap 1948.

HMS Resolution

[Bigger photo] [1938] [dry dock] [Malta]
Built by Palmers. Laid down 29th November 1913.
Launched 14th January 1915. Completed 7th December 1916.
Commissioned 30th December 1916.
Fitted in 1922 with a funnel cap to help keep the bridge clear of fumes. The others were not so fitted till 1938-39.
Bombed at Narvik in May 1940.
Torpedoed at Dakar in September 1940.
Served in the Indian Ocean 1942-43.
Became stokers training ship 1944. Sold for scrap 5th May 1948.
Richard Baker's site
Resolution, Hood and Admiral Graf Spee at the Coronation Review - May 20th, 1937.

Here are three magnificent photos from my Dad's collection.

The 15" guns being lifted out of Resolution's 'B' turret at Plymouth Dockyard during refit:
[15" gun] [roof off] and the [bows crashing] through the waves as crew try out weightlessness.
Most of the time that Dad was on Resolution she was escorting convoys across the Atlantic carrying gold bullion, i.e.,
Left Halifax, Nova Scotia, 25th Oct 1939 Escorting 3rd Battle Squadron.
Left Plymouth for Halifax 17th Nov 1939.
Arrived back Clyde 17th Dec 1939.
Carries an aircraft to Halifax 25th Dec 1939.
Left Halifax 6th Jan 1940 escorting.
Arrived Plymouth 19th Jan 1940 for refit.
Plymouth - refit complete up to 10th Apr 1940.
Dad always seemed to be lucky enough to be transfered to other ships just before they got into trouble; except in the case of HMS Liverpool.

The Bombing of Resolution, Norway, 16 May 1940

Early in May 1940, Resolution was being employed as a support ship for land based operations in the vicinity of Narvik. On 16th May, she was anchored at Tjeldsundet, about thirty miles west of Narvik, when she was located and attacked by enemy Heinkel 111 bombers from III/KG 26. She was hit by one 250­pound armour­piercing bomb on the upper­deck between 'X' and 'Y' turrets, and this penetrated to the slope of the middle­deck before partially exploding. Two men were killed and 27 others injured. Damage was slight, and some minor fires that had started among clothing and bedding, were quickly extinguished. Temporary repairs were made by the ship's crew and Resolution remained operational for one month before permanent repairs were carried out.

The Torpedoing of Resolution, Dakar, 25 September 1940

In September 1940, an unsuccessful attempt was made to land a Free French force at Dakar, on the coast of the Vichy French colony of Senegal, in West Africa. In this operation, code-named "Menace", were the battleships Barham and Resolution. More to come ....
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