HMS Ganges Dad served from 10-08-37 to 15-07-38

"If it moves salute it; if it doesn't, blanco it"

Dad entered HMS Ganges on the 10th August 1937 aged 16 years 8 months. He left on the 15th July 1938 to complete his training on the cruiser HMS Dragon. He cannot remember his Division but thinks it might have been Anson. His Gunnery Officer was CPO Lumley from Blackpool (followed by CPO Battle) and his Seamanship Officer was PO Foulger.
In his class photo he is standing on the far right in the middle row. CPO Battle is seated on the far right and PO Foulger is seated on the far left. Some names dad remembers are: McNally (middle row 3rd left), Randall (middle row 4th left).
This is the same class photo but with a difference!

  Entrance to HMS Ganges Dad on the rugby fields of Ganges.
Another picture of the playing fields. And another.
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