Date: 28 Mar 1996 08:23:21 GMT
From: Geir Hongro (

TILLBAKA. (Broadcaster) wrote:

>You seem to have a very narrow mind set about sampling. It sound like you

>think that when you sample a piece of a song you usually just loop it

>over and over and keeping the original structure.

Of course you don't. You remove the most melodic structures and what remains is SHIT!

>We have skills on

>our instruments (turntable & sampler),

Which are not instruments at all.....

>but we have very few (But there

>are some) traditional western "musicians".

You have NO!

>We are able, but the foundation of hip-hop is a club where you just have

>two turntables and a microphone... So, too gain respect within the

>hip-hop community, you have to show your ability to use a pre-recorded

>musical foundation and then do some lyrics from the top of your head.

>This is what REAL hip-hop is all about.

And that's why it SUCKS!

>Let's talk a bout classical music. If you go to hear a concert and they

>only perform the works of Mozart or Beethoven. Do you think that "Those

>people (on stage) are not able to compose their OWN melodies"

What I hear is the music of Mozart of Beethoven, not the music of any Philharmonic Orchestra. The difference is Mozart and Beethoven's music are put into paper in details so that it doesn't matter who's playing them. It is first and foremost the music of Mozart or Beethoven.

I also think it is okay making a cover version if they keep the WHOLE tune, not turning it into a less melodic version.

>Hold on! If you took you time to listen to some of those song's you would

>know that they samples was only a part of a new complex composition, and

>not (except in some few cases) any part of the hook

They are used in the chorus to make the song a little more melodic just because the rappers aren't musical enough to write melodic songs by themselves. The simply have no talent.

Geir Hongro