Siggtryggur Baldursson and Gudlaugur Kristinn Ottarsson played in a band called Theyr before they joined KUKL. Theyr hasn't got anything to do with Björk except from the fact that they started developing the typical KUKL-sound, but please don't stop reading. Their music was a lot more guitar-driven than the music KUKL performed. It was a very experimental cross between punk, heavy metal and pop. Their songs contains lots of interesting guitar-efforts and quite a lot of keyboards. The band had a male singer, whose voice reminds me a bit of David Bowie (no offense, though).  Theyr stood against nazism and fascism and they played together with lots of anti-fascist-bands in the UK, such as Crass and The Fall. They also had a great interest in occultism, which you can tell from their lyrics. Anyway, here's a discography on this band, with my comments on some of the records.

7" and 12"s released by Theyr

"Ut frymi"

I don't know anything about this single.

"Idur till fota"

A. "Bas 12", "Maggasyn", "Tedrukkin", "Ariareggea"

"Life transmission"

A. "Life transmission" B. "Heima er best"

"The fourth reich"

A. "Public", "Metamorphosis", "Zen", "Blood"

This 12" contains some more percussions and rhytmic efforts than usual. Siggtryggur's great percussion skills and the interesting guitar-efforts makes the occult "Zen" one of my absolute favorite Theyr-songs. Probably their most traditional rock-act. The original cover sleeve contained a picture of an armbanded William Rech, which was banned in the UK.


A. "Lunaire" B. "The walk", "Positive affirmations"

"Lunaire" is undoubtedly the greatest Theyr-song of all time. It's extremely angry with loads of distortion. The punkiest song to be released by Theyr, and also quite futuristic.

Albums released by Theyr

"Thagad i hel"

I don't know anything about this album

"Mjötvidur maer"

A. "Ulfur", "Iss", "Current", "2999", "Mjötvidur", "Opid"

B. "Their", "Rudolf", "Never suck", Thad er nog", "Hva than", "Onefnt"

"Iss", "Their" and "2999" are laughable tries to develop a futuristic pop-style with help from voice-distortion, keyboards and rhythmic efforts. "Ulfur" contains some rawer vocals than the other tracks, which makes it one of the best songs on the album. "Current" could have been taken from the "The fourth reich"-single and "Never suck" sounds like The Exploited using voice-distortion. The high-lights on this album are the really beautiful instrumental title-track and the angry, quite traditional, anti-fascistic rock-song "Rudolf".

"As above"

A. "Homo gestalt", "Killer boogie", "Dead/Undead", "Wolf", "Technologos"

B. "Current, "Rudolf", "Are you still there", "Though", "Shout"

"As above" contains English versions of Theyr's greatest works. Here you'll also find the brilliant "Killer boogie". This album was probably a try to give Theyr a breakthrough outside their native country.

Theyr also appeared on the "Rokk i Reykjavik"-compilation with two of their greatest songs, "Killer boogie" and "Rudolf".

5000 thanks and all our love to Maria Salomonsson, Vidur and Martin Aston.