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Tadpole is an ordinary person living an ordinary life in an ordinary town attending an ordinary school. Today, he will cause the destruction of the world.
He gets accidentally involved in a bizarre time-travel adventure trying to set things right. He will travel to places we've only read about, meeting people who never seen a television. He will be remembered through out history, maybe not in the glamorous way he always dreamt of. If there'll ever be a timecourt he would really be in serious trouble!

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Addresses IRC Email
SystemIII Coder Game graphics I, the coder, can be found
on the channel #amigaswe
from time to time.
My Nick is FoxBat.
Contact the coder on:
Graphic artist on:
Henrik Smiding
Magistratsvägen 55 O105
226 44 LUND
Mikael Pettersén
Kämnarsrätten 3,A302
226 46 LUND

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