My name is Åke Andersson and I was born in a small town called Lindesberg back in 1970, in the beginning of my life I was a much like any kid (the first two weeks). And then my significant personality put its marks on my life.
Nowadays I’m happily married with Camilla (the love of my life) and we have three kids Emil 6, Anton 3 and Matilda 1.
I work as a production manger in a company called HÅBECO where we make different kinds of safes(weapon , money ,gold , etc).
I have been working there since 1995 and I started with painting the safes, and then I have worked my way up to the position that I have today (am I bragging or what, well its my site so I can write whatever I want to).
Interests, according to my wife I have none except my computer but if you ask me I have a lot of interests, it’s if you don’t count my family …….eeeeeeeeeehhh my computer.

It's hard work being a father.

Me and Anton at the zoo.

A while ago I participaded in a lifestyle investigation called MINERVA, this investigation seperates the Scandinavian people to different segments (colors). Where each color represents a mini-Sweden.

The blue human lives his life in a very high tempo, grabs the opportunitys that comes along. He is very selfconfident and puts a lot of trust to his own ides, and he has e great deire to lead. He is a big consumer of information and lives by the motto "knowledge is power". The blue human also likes to go to the theater in his new Hugo Boss-suit, cell phone and an elegant woman, things that show others that you have reached a higt position in the society.

The green human think that belonging to a group is very important and is feeling a great solidarity to his line of proffesion or union. It is very important to openly show his personality - putting on an act is of no use. The green human puts a great value to the big culture flow in the city and in the same time sees thwe nature as the big source of adventure.

The gray human is very unsure of himself and has now come to a point in life when it's time to make some changes. The first kid has arrived and it's time to get a better job to support the family. Pleasure and entertainment is very important to the gray human, the typical night ends with a Bruce Willis - movie.

The purple human puts his independence very high on the list and doesn't feel any special connection to the society. This relationship with the community often shows in not being eager to pay taxes. Work is very important to the purple human who often owns a small company. He is skeptic to all that is unknown, this combined with his lac of thrust to other people often results in a negative attitude towards immegrants and refugees. The food should be as mother did it - supper should be hot and containing meet, vegetarian dishes are not real food. The purple human is a "do it himself" kind of man who makes his own repairs on the house just to save some money to that new car he has been looking at. he is generally interested in different kind of games - it could happen that you win.

The pink human sees himself as an integrated part of the society, he is also very active in different groups like school board, fishing club and so on. He feels that work is something that you must do, and that it is the activitys that you do on your spare time that gives life a meaning. Close relationships with family and friends has a very high priority. The pink human prefers the local news as he is very interested in what's happening in the near sorrounding.

By the answer I left in the formula they placed me in the PURPLE segment.
And I must say that they wasn't entierly wrong, there are some parts that fits on me.