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First the links. I've tried to sort the links properly, but you'll probably find that one or two links is in the wrong page. Please, tell me! I would also very much appreciate if you report dead links, new links you've found or links that has changed content.

The books are sorted in the same manner as the links (probably with the same lack of order). And again, tell me if something is wrong! When you click a booktitle you'll come to that books page at Amazon. You see the title, author(s), price, ranking and rating, and possibly a pic of the cover. The rating is a bit dubious. Some people takes a liking in giving bad rewievs, so if you see a book that sells well, but have only one star, there's probably a competing author/publishing house behind the bad rewievs.:-)

If you have any questions about buying books at (US), they have a few pages with all the answers. Go to the Amazon Help Page where you'll find relevant links to most of your problems.

The same goes for (UK). They have a Help Desk page with links.

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