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Library of Congress Home Page
This must be one of the best resources for information on the Net. Go there and be happy.

This is the Swedish Royal Library going cyber.

Librarians' Index to the Internet
Information for the people that provides you with information. :-)

The BPS Web Site
The statistical organ in Indonesia. More Indonesia stuff on my Indonesia resources page.

USA Today - Weather
Covers almost every country in the world.

The Opaui Pages: acronyms, abbreviations, initialisms
Must be the biggest resource on the Internet on this matter. Country Profiles
Flags, maps, economy, geography, politics and more...

Anthropology Internet Sites
Links from Brown University, Rhode Island.

Big resource on archaeology.

National Geographic
The famous magazine. Lot to read.

Discovery Channel
The TV-channel going cyber.

NASA Homepage
Come the 90's, and nothing is left, but you can visit them to check out the historical remnants of the Cold War.


CNN Interactive
One of the leading news services.

Electronic Telegraph
Net version with a difference.

The Chicago Tribune
Some say this is the best newspaper on the net.

Russia Today
Check out what's happening on the eastern front.

Dagens Nyheter
DN is the biggest daily in Sweden. (only in Swedish)

Or...maybe it was this paper... (only in Swedish)

The MoJo Wire
For an alternative view.



Heavy stuff.

Blues Lyrics On Line
Quite an extensive list of good ol' blues lyrics.

Classical Net
Good resource for classical music.

I woke up this morning...

The Johnny Winter Story
The man...

The Archive of Misheard Lyrics
Kiss this guy may not be the freudian slip you think it is.

All-Music Guide
A good resource of music.

Ludwig van Beethoven - The Master
Meet Ludwig van Beethoven - biography, opus, woo, music, books and much more.


Graham Greene.

Henry Miller Library
Another favourite.

Charles Bukowski - The Great Poet
All about Buk.

Fyodor Dostoevsky - High Spirit Low Spirit
His life and work.

Political Writings of George Orwell
Essays, newspaper columns, letters and editorials.

Louis-Ferdinand Celine
Short page about the French writer, but also some interesting links.

existentialism and Franz Kafka
Lots of stuff on Kafka.

Jack Kerouac

      HTML and related stuff

HTML - Specification 3.2
This is the old specification.

HTML - Specification 4.01
The new version that was passed as of December 1999.

Composing Good HTML
After som hard and necessary practising with HTML-coding, this is were to go.

The Webmasters Reference Library
Good resource.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
Another good resource.

The JavaScriptSource.Com
Go get some scripts.

View Source
The Netscape Net Zine.

Web Review
Another good source of information if you want to do it yourself.

Web Developer
And another...

Zabonk Web Developer Kit
Links to all the resources you need as a Webmaster. Also, buy related books from and


Sports Links from GunungTimur
Just around the corner - links to soccer, cricket, swimming, boxing, athletics.


Naomi Campbell pics + links
There is a God, I'm certain now. Who else could create such a woman?


Ulrika Ernestam Östberg
First and foremost, my wife Ulrika. Only in Swedish, but the pictures are the interesting part anyway. Click on "Bilder".

Center for Contemporary Art in Malmö, Sweden.

The Art Bin
On-line Art magazine. Swedish and English.

The Andy Warhol Museum

Art on the Net
A presentation of artists and also a resource for artists.

Modern Museum
Located in Stockholm, Sweden. English and Swedish.

Guggenheim Museums
Links to all four, or five, museums around the world. Nice piece of web work.

Museum of Modern Art
MoMA, New York. Listen to a narrative of your favourite painting.

George Eastman House
International Museum of Photography and Film

Edward Hopper
About thirty pics of Hopper paintings and some info. From Artchive.

Kasimir Malevich
Same story with god 'ol Kasimir, but no info this time. From Artchive.

Claude Monet
Information, photos and paintings. French and English.


Centre for the Easily Amused
Sometimes even I laugh.

TJ-Cop and the Wonder dog Lotto
Is she trying to be funny or is it serious?

Tech Tales
This IS funny!

      Search Engines









Zabonk Web Development Kit - Search
More search engines available here.

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