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    There are two different Amazon, as I'm sure you have noticed. The one in the USA is called and looks like this >>
    The other one is localized in the UK, is called and looks like this >>
    If you press one of the logos your are directed to their respective sites.
    So, why two different Amazon?, Well, first, they doesn't always have the same books in stock. Therefore you will sometimes find a title with a link to just one of the amazon ( if you want to order a book or just read about it, you press the link to the right of the title and author line). I have tried to find a similar title, if possible, but sometimes there is no good alternative to be found.
    The second reason, and most obvious; the geographic location of the Amazon site of your choice and your place of residence should affect the speed of delivery. But for people in Asia, I have no good advice, maybe ask the local post office...
    You should also know that books in the UK have no VAT, which according to benefits those outside the european community. I know to little about these things, but I guess someone gets a good deal out of it. But then again, a specific title may not be available at both Amazon, and... God, I talk to much. I'll give you two links instead, one for the Help desk in the US and one for the Help desk in the UK. Don't forget to come back here when you're done!
    Just one more thing, at the bottom of this page you see two forms, one for and another for If you don't find what you're looking for at Indonesia Books, feel free to use them instead. If you have any questions or comments about Indonesia Books, send a mail.
    Just one more thing again. First, some of the titles are really hard to get. That means that it can take up to 6 weeks before delivery. In a few cases the title is out of stock! Well, you ask, why put them there in the first place? The simple answer is, I like them and as long as they are up on the Amazon list, there is a possibility on getting a copy. So look back now and then, you never know... Also notice that there are different kinds of binding - hard cover, paperback and sometimes library bindings - and if you find that my choice is the wrong choice, just press the authors name, and you are directed to a page where all different bindings are displayed.  
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