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Padang Capital city of West Sumatra
Padang Empek-empek Cakes cooked in Padang style
Pancasila Indonesia's five-point national philosophy: belief in one God, just and civilized humanity, national unity, democrazy by concensus of representatives and social justice. Outlined by Sukarno in 1945. The Panca Sila has served ever since, and especially since the late 1970s, as the official national ideology of Indonesia.
Paran (Panitiya Retooling Aparat Negara) Committee to Retool the State Apparatus
Parkindo (Partai Kristen Indonesia) Indonesian Protestant Party
Partindo (Partai Indonesia) Indonesia Party
Parmusi (Partai Muslimin Indonesia) Indonesian Moslem Party
pasar Market (bazaar)
Pasar Induk The main vegetable and fruit market in Jakarta
pasisir Coast ; in particular, the north coast of Java and the historical complex based on Islam and trade that develped there in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries
patih The chief minister of the kingdom of Mataram or, later, of a Javan bupati
payung The Javanese ceremonial parasol, which symbolized high rank
PD President Director (of corporation).
PDI Partai Demokrasi Indonesia (Indonesian Democratic Party). Amalgamation of non-muslim party. Former leader Megawati Sukarnoputri pushed aside by the government in the summer of 1997.
pecel Spiced vegetable
Pekuneg (Team Penertiban Keuangan Negara) Team to Regulate State Finances
Pelita (Pembangunan Lima Tahun) Five-Year Development
pembangunan Development
Pemberantasan Buta Huruf Illiteracy eradication (abbreviation - PBH)
pemuda A youth, youths. In the Indonesian Revolution, the term acquired powerful overtones of militancy and patriotism.
Pemuda Rakjat Popular Youth
penghulu A Malay or Sumatran village headman
pengusaha businessman/businesswoman.
Pepelrada (Penguasa Pelaksanaan Dwikora Daerah) Regional Authority to Implement Dwikora
Peperda (Penguasa Perang Daerah) Regional War Authority
Peperpu (Penguasa Perang Pusat) Central War Authority
Peperti (Penguasa Perang Tertinggi) Supreme War Authority
Perabri Persatuan Purnawirawan ABRI (Union of Retired ABRI Personnel).
perahu A small sailing vessel
peranakan Locally born foreigner, a term for people of mixed local and foreign blood, born in the region. Especially Chinese.
peremajaan Urban renewal (literally rejuvenation)
perjuangan Struggle. In the Indonesian Revolution the term acquired a deeper significance: struggle for the revolutionary cause. In the political disputes of the time it stood for uncompromising armed struggle, as opposed to diplomasi.
permerataan Equality
Permesta (Perjuangan Semesta) Common Struggle Movement
Pertamina State-owned oil company.
Perti (Pergerakan Tarbijah Indonesia) Indonesian Movement for (the improvement of) Education (in Sumatra)
Perum Perumnas National Housing Corporation
pesantren Javanese term for a community of students formed around an Islamic scholar and holy man
Peta (Pembela Tanah Air) Defenders of the Fatherland
Petir (Pembina Tenaga Inti Revolusi) Protectors of the Essence of the Revolution
PHIN (Pendidikan Hakim Islam Negeri) State college for Muslim Jurisprudents (at Religious Courts)
pici A hat resembling a fez
picis Currency under the colonial administration, equvivalent to 10 cents
Pitra Obligatory gift at the end of the fasting month
PKI (Partai Komunis Indonesia) Indonesian Communist Party
PMA Foreign Capital Investment Law of July 1968.
PMDN Domestic Capital Investment Law of July 1968.
PMI (Palang Mérah Indonesia), The Indonesian Red Cross
PMII (Perhimpunan Mahasiswa Islam Indonesia) Indonesian Association of Muslim Students
PN (Perusahaan Negara) State corporation
PNI (Partai Nasional Indonesia) Indonesian National Party
pondok Literally hut or shanty, a term for a community of students formed around an Islamic teacher
PPP Partai Persatuan Pembangunan (United Development Party). Amalgamation of Muslim parties.
pribumi Indigenous Indonesian.
priyayi Formerly a feudal official; currently a gentleman. Also the Javanese and Sundanese hereditary aristocracy or gentry; also, a member of the same
PRRI (Pemerintah Revolusioner Republik Indonesia) Revolutionary Government of the Republic of Indonesia
PSI (Partai Sosialis Indonesia) Indonesian Socialist Party
PSII (Partai Sarekat Islam Indonesia) Indonesian Islamic Union Party
P.T. Perseroan Terbatas (Limited Company).
PTAIN (Perguruan Tinggi Agama Islam Negeri) State Islamic College
PTDI (Perguruan Tinggi Dawah Islam) Islamic Mission College
PUSA (Persatuan Ulama-ulama Seluruh Atjeh) All Atjeh Ulama Union
pusaka Heirloom
Pusri State-owned fertiliser company.

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