Prisoner Cell Block H: Fire at Wentworth: Episodes 326 & 327
NTV Entertainment
NTV0059 Colour Approx. 90 minutes 15

Enter once more the tear-soaked walls of Wentworth Detention Centre where a parole hearing held to decide Bea's future sparks off a series of events bordering on the cataclysmic, even to the point of jeopardising inmates' lives and the very Prison itself.

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Join Judy Bryant (Betty Bobbitt) struggling to maintain the credibility of the half way house as it suffers yet more setbacks, leaving Maxine (Lisa Crittenden) to concentrate on directing her charms on Tony (Alan Lee) the new social worker... But will he succumb again?

And accompany Bea (Val Lehman) as she finally finds the long-awaited opportunity to deal with her bitter and twisted arch enemy 'The Freak', Joan Ferguson (Maggie Kirkpatrick). Assisted by the women in one of the most daring acts ever witnessed at Wentworth, with diversions set, the plan goes into action. But will Bea go down in the battle?

If anyone is still in doubt about one of the biggest cult shows in soap history then this one will surely seal the deal. When the wanton women of Wentworth demand justice they leave nothing to the imagination. In true denim style they follow their leader - even if it costs them their lives.

John William Anthony Conrad

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