Prisoner Cell Block H: Episodes 11 & 12
NTV Entertainment
NTV0116 Colour Approx. 105 minutes PG

Return to the intense world of Wentworth Detention Centre, a community populated by women of all ages, convicted of all manner of crimes from murder to misdemeanour, where emotions run high and inmates run riot. With only each other to depend on for support, the women of Wentworth face the consequences of of their past lives with a grim determination and a future without freedom.

Exclusive interview footage with members of the cast that has never previously been broadcast on television.

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Attempting to diffuse the tense atmosphere following Helen Master's insulting remarks on TV. Governor Erica Davidson (Patsy King) prescribes a dose of vigorous exercise and hasty arrangements are made for the inmates volleyball match.

Officer Bennett (Fiona Spence) receives a working visit from the new beau Detective Graham Lang (Adrian Wright). He asks Vera to 'put the hard word' on inmate Marilyn Mason who is refusing to co-operate with his investigation. An ugly incident at the volleyball match gives Vera the perfect opportunity to oblige. A romantic dinner-date ensues, but are Detective Langs' intentions honourable?

Embarrased to admit her inability to read, Franky Doyle (Carol Burns) fails to understand the telegram informing her of her brother Gary's fatal injuries in a farming accident. Overwhelmed by anger and grief on discovering the tragic truth, she goes berserk wrecking the 'Rec Room' in spectacular style.

As Lynn Warner is adjusting to her new life of liberty in the Armstrong Farm, her spirits are lifted by the appearance of a face from the past. Little does she realise that his presence heralds the beginning of new round of troubles...

After being talked out of a suicide attempt by Karen (Peta Toppano), Franky accepts her offer of reading lessons. However, self-improvement is not her only motive and her clumsy attempt at kissing her teacher results in total rejection and a slap across the face. Unable to withstand being spurned, she conspires with Lizzie and Doreen to hatch the first Great Escape plot.

Three desperate women and a teddy go over the wall and on the run...

Roz Vecsey

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