Prisoner Cell Block H: Episodes 9 & 10
NTV Entertainment
NTV0092 Colour Approx. 90 minutes PG

Return to the intense world of Wentworth Detention Centre, a world populated by women of all ages, convicted of all manner of crimes from murder to misdemeanour, where emotions run high and inmates run riot. Depending solely on each other the women of Wentworth are forced to face the consequences of of their past lives with a grim determination and a future without freedom.

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Following a drunken reunion with an old mate, reformed prostitute Marilyn Mason (Margaret Laurence) argues with boyfriend Eddie (Richard Moir) and storms out of the relationship only to end up back in Wentworth. In a series of flashbacks the truth behind the Bentley story unfolds, giving Lynn (Kerry Armstrong) the chance to be proved innocent after all... but can 'Wonky Warner' cope with life on the outside? Cosmetics queen Helen Masters (Louise Pajo), basking in the glory of Lynn's victory, contrues her quest for major publicity. Through sheer cunning and deviousness Helen manages to thwart a blackmail plot by her business associate James Brandon (Brandon Smith), but only with the unwitting help of Doreen (Colette Mann) and Dr. Miller (Barry Quin). Her trial a success, will Helen keep her word to the women and campaign for better treatment for prisoners? Life is rapidly falling apart for Officer Vera Bennett (Fiona Spence) since her mother's death. She dresses up each evening only to stay at home and get drunk alone. One night she heads for a bar and ends up publicly humiliating herself. A knight in shining suit rescues her and escorts her home where she promptly passes out. Next day she receives an invitation for a date... is this Vera's chance of happiness at last? The answers can only be found behind the locked doors of Australia's most infamous penal institution, Wentworth Detention Centre. For it is from within these walls that we can witness the humour, the passion and the drama that is PRISONER CELL BLOCK H.

Roz Vecsey

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