Prisoner Cell Block H: Episodes 7 & 8
NTV Entertainment
NTV0054 Colour Approx. 90 minutes 15

Enter the intense world of Wentworth Detention Centre, a world populated by women of all ages convicted of all manner of crimes from murder to misdemeanour, where emotions run high and inmates depend on each other to confront the consequences of a system offering only a set of rules to cope with a future without freedom.

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Once again the wild women of Wentworth entice us into their plots and schemes with the problems faced by inmates as well as prison officers when confronted with life outside the detention centre.

Marilyn Mason (Margaret Laurence) confronts the realities of finding work after a stint inside, while Vera Bennett (Fiona Spence) a.k.a. 'Vinegar Tits' must cope with the difficulties of caring for her sick and elderly mother, forcing her to re-examine her own life with tragic consequences. Follow Lizzie Birdsworth (Sheila Florance) as she find a friend to call her own finally revealing the secret of her original crime, and initiating a mist entertaining escape ploy aided and abetted by Doreen Anderson (Colette Mann) whose advice only adds to the resultant confusion. Not forgetting the irrepressible Bea Smith (Val Lehman) who finds a chink in Franky Doyle's (Carol Burns) armour of anger and decides to exploit it in a manner befitting her 'top dog' status.

All in all a perfectly balanced package of drama, humour and classically convoluted plotline spun to entice you behind those red brick walls with the hope that someone throws away the key.

(For Sheila Florance, who died on 12th October 1991 in Melbourne.)

John William Anthony Conrad

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