Prisoner Cell Block H: Episodes 5 & 6
NTV Entertainment
NTV0053 Colour Approx. 90 minutes PG

Enter the intense world of Wentworth Detention Centre, a world populated by women of all ages convicted of all manner of crimes from murder to misdemeanour, where emotions run high and inmates depend on each other to confront the consequences of a system offering only a set of rules to cope with a future without freedom.

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With tension over the riot still seeping through the walls of Wentworth, Warder Meg Jackson (Elspeth Ballantyne) struggles to reconcile her feelings over the murder of her husband, while the Governor (Patsy King) must cope with prison corruption in the form of a 'bent screw'.

Karen Travers (Peta Toppano) is tormented by memories of the violent events leading to her arrest while her fellow inmate Lynn Warner (Kerry Armstrong) continues to protest her innocence resorting to desperate measures to convince anybody that will listen. But who will?

As if to prove life outside Wentworth isn't ideal, following her parole Mum (Mary Ward) discovers the hard way that the loving arms of family are not so loving after all, causing her to resort to drastic action to be with those she knows she can trust.

With all the above - plus escape attempts, a dance class and even a tea leaf reading by Queen Bea (Val Lehman)  - the red brick hell that is Wentworth conjures up once more the magic that is soap, successfully entwining its strands of pathos, humour and damn good storytelling in the finest tradition that is unmistakably PRISONER CELL BLOCK H.

John William Anthony Conrad

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