Prisoner: Cell Block H: Episodes 3 & 4
NTV Entertainment
NTV0052 Colour Approx. 80 minutes PG

Enter the intense world of Wentworth Detention Centre, a world populated by women of all ages convicted of all manner of crimes from murder to misdemeanour, where emotions run high and inmates depend on each other to confront the consequences of a system offering only a set of rules to cope with a future without freedom.

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With Bea Smith (Val Lehman) out on parole, the position of the prison's 'Top Dog' has been left vacant. Enter one Franky Doyle (Carol Burns), a woman determined to make the crown her own. But establishing such status on the inside is no mean feat requiring more than a consensus from the inmates based on fear, threats and violence.

With a baby expected to draw its first breath of Wentworth air, and Franky's worst nightmare waiting at reception, the tension between the women and the 'screws' is stretched to breaking point - setting off a sequence of events that Meg Jackson (Elspeth Ballantyne) and her fellow officers will remember for the rest of their lives.

John William Anthony Conrad

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