Prisoner Cell Block H: Episodes 1 & 2
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MP6374 Color Approx. 95 mins. NR

When the gates slam shut, it is the end of liberty - and the beginning of a harrowing emotional ordeal for the women inmates of the Wentworth Detention Center. This powerful continuing story shows how they face the trauma of prison and their lives after parole.


Greg the doctor, inspects cigarette burns on Karen's back. Why didn't she disclose her husband's cruelty at her trial? Bea tortures Lynn for having abused a child. But is Lynn guilty? When she calls the mother of the child, why does the mother start to fall apart?


Franky destroys Mum's garden and she and Lynn comes to blows. Lynn is convinced no one believes her story and goes on a hunger strike. Bea, now out of prison on parole, has flashbacks of her daughter's death for which she blames her ex-husband. She suddenly appears in his doorway.


Karen Travers
Confessed to the murder of her husband with no defense

Lynn Warner
A naive country girl wrongly convicted of child molestation

Franky Doyle
A lesbian biker doing 12 years for armed robbery

Bea Smith
The tough ruler of the inmates, paroled for murder only to be returned again

Convicted for the mercy killing of her husband, she has been in jail longer than any of the prisoners and is a Mother Hen to them

Greg Miller
The young doctor who was once engaged to Karen

Meg Jackson
The sympathetic guard

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