Prisoner, or Prisoner Cell Block H as it's known as in the UK and USA, is an Australian drama series that began showing in Australia in 1979. Initially only 16 episodes were planned, but the series became so popular that as many as 692 episodes were made before the series was cancelled in the end of 1986.

Eight years later, in 1994, Prisoner started showing here in Sweden.

Prisoner was produced by Grundy, the company behind long-running dramas such as 'Neighbours', 'Sons and Daughters' and 'The Young Doctors'. In Sweden Grundy is best known for producing 'Neighbours' (Grannar) and the Swedish version of Sons and Daughters - 'Skilda Världar' (~Worlds Apart).

Prisoner takes place behind the walls of Wentworth Detention Centre, a fictional high-security female prison in Melbourne. In real life Wentworth Detention Centre was actually the old Channel 10 building located in Nunawading a suburb of Melbourne. We get to follow both the staff and the prisoners trying to cope with life both inside the walls of Wentworth and on the outside.



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