Clement, Henry
Prisoner: Cell Block H #2: the Franky Doyle story
London : Star Books, 1981. - 224 p.
ISBN: 0-352-30895-8
Paperback. Out of Print.

Franky Doyle is Wentworth Prison's number one hard case - violent and uncontrollable, a cell wrecker and a bully. She's doing life for armed robbery and murder - and she's spending a lot of it in solitary.

Franky cares for nobody, not even Karen, whose dark, brooding beauty conjures desires in Franky that can never be returned. Nobody, that is, except her kid brother Garry whom she brought up single-handed. And if misfortune should befall young Gazza, then Franky will tear Wentworth apart - brick by brick.


'Have you calmed down yet, Doyle?'
  Had she calmed down yet! As though she would ever calm down so long as they kept her locked in this hellhole. 'Piss off,' Franky sneered.
  Bennett gave her a look of undiluted contempt. 'That's all you're capable of, isn't it?' she snapped.
'I've never heard anything from you but filth.'
  'Just let me out of here for two minutes,' Franky said, narrowing her eyes malevolently, 'and you'll find out what I'm capable of.'
  The guard cast a meaningful glance at the metal door. It was securely locked, and the keys to it were in her possession. 'You're safe in here for the next three days, Doyle,' she assured Franky in a harsh tone.
  'Yeah,' Franky spat back at her. 'And I'll tell you one thing. You won't be safe when I get out...'

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