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Prisoner: Cell Block H v.2: a dangerous affairQuin, Betty
Prisoner: Cell Block H v.2: a dangerous affair
London : Mandarin, 1991. - 336 p.
ISBN: 0-7493-0930-X
Paperback. In Print.

Wentworth is a rough place for a women's prison, well known for the  rougher justice meted out by its violent and unpredictable inmates. Convicted murderer Queen Bea is aptly named - as indeed are a few other characters with rather less charming epithets. But not all the action's confined behind bars. In fact, a complete and horrific catalogue of rape, murder, blackmail, 'accident', riot - even marriage - seems to be arranged from outside Australia's most notorious prison...

'There's no escape from Cell Block H'
Daily Mirror


Vera turned her gaze on to Bea. 'You never learn, do you? Your past riots have been disastrous. What makes you think this will be any different?'
  Bea's voice was super cool. 'This isn't a riot, Vera. It's a peaceful sit-in until we talk to Mrs Davidson.'
  Phyllis chipped in smartly. 'You screws got what you wanted when you went on strike.'
  'Watch your tongue, Hunt.' Vera was tense now, ready for any sign of real trouble, but she couldn't resist the jibe. 'That's the difference between officers and prisoners . . . we have rights, you have none.'


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