Sinclair, Murray
Prisoner: Cell Block H
London : Star Books, 1981. - 224 p.
ISBN: 0-0352-30832-X
Paperback. Out of Print.


Behind the gates of Wentworth women's prison lies a world with its own standards, its own laws, its own morality. A world of violence and coercion, of perversion and fear, a world that is home to:
Karen Travers - she found her husband in bed with another woman, now she's doing life for his murder.
Franky Doyle - she hates men, but she does enjoy the company of other women - especially Karen.
Lynn Warner - she claims she's innocent but her fellow prisoners beleive she buried the little boy alive - and the don't like it.
Bea Smith - the Queen of Wentworth, the toughest of them all, her word is law in -


The policewoman riveted her attention on the two young women sitting opposite her in the paddy wagon.
  'I'm going to tell you something for your own good, so listen hard. You friend murdered her husband and she got life. She's got it bad, but you've got it worse than you think, young lady. Those women inside doesn't give a hoot about routine One, though when it comes to kidnapping and abusing little kids, they're known to get angry.'
  'But I'm innocent,' Lynn pleaded.
  'I don't care,' the policewoman replied coldly. 'You were accused and convicted and you stand guilty as charged.'
  'If I explain it to them, they'll beleive me instead of that bunch of lies,' Lynn insisted.
  'I'm telling you, you're asking for trouble,' the policewoman warned. 'Girls like you get killed in prisons every day.'

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