Lane, Richard
Prisoner: Cell Block H v.1: the showdown
London : Mandarin, 1991. - 218 p.
ISBN: 0-7493-0929-6
Paperback. In Print.

The inmates of Wentworth Detention Centre have over ten million fans. But they're not so popular with those on the other side of the bars. Nor so mad about each other. Here in Australia's toughest women's prison, are stories of suicide, murder, and worse, of feuds and friendships, escape, romance, humour and, just possibly, innocence...

'The only real soap worth washing with'
Daily Mirror


'I'm not afraid of Bea Smith.'
  'Easy, to say that now she's gone.'
  'I'd say it to her face.'
  There was a sly smile on Vera's face, and she wasn't looking at Franky any more, she was watching the back of the paddy wagon. Suddenly Franky was worried. She looked sharply at Vera, then all her attention was also focused at the back of the van.
  'Here's your opportunity.'
  The back door of the paddy wagon was opened, and sitting inside was Bea Smith. Franky saw her first, and her jaw dropped.
  Bea was half-way out of the van when she saw Franky and she stopped where she was and stared at her.
  'Well, Franky. Fancy you being here to welcome me back. That's more than I expected.'
  And a broad sinister smile spread right across her face.

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