Sinclair, Murray
Prisoner: Cell Block H
Los Angeles, Calif. : Pinnacle Books, 1980. - 224 p.
ISBN: 0-523-41113-8
Paperback. Out of Print.


'... a gritty and gripping dramatic series... lots of tension...and in very unHollywood fashion, realistic.' - Variety

Based on the #1 international T.V. series now airing throughout the U.S., Prisoner Cell Block H is unlike anything you've ever read...the unforgettable journey through the iron gates of Wentworth Detention Center, where women - desperate, volatile women - struggle to survive.


  The policewoman riveted her attention on the two young women sitting opposite her in the paddy wagon.
  "I'm going to tell you something for your own good, so listen hard. When the two of you girls go into Wentworth, nobody's going to care what you think about anything. If you sniffle around and complain you're innocent, Lynn, at first they'll laugh in you face. Then they'll really start to resent you and make trouble for you for being a nuisance. After all, all you got was ten years. That may seem like a long time to you, but to some people it's no more than one long weekend.
  "Ask your friend there, Karen Travers. She murdered her husband and she got life. She's got it bad, but you've got it worse than you think, young lady. Those women inside don't give a hoot about routine One, though when it comes to kidnapping and abusing little kids, they're known to get angry."
  "But I'm innocent," Lynn pleaded.
  "I don't care," the policewoman replied coldly. "You were accused and convicted and you stand guilty as charged."
  "If I explain it to them, they'll believe me instead of that bunch of lies," Lynn insisted.
  "I'm tell you, you're asking for trouble," the policewoman warned. "Girls like you get killed in prisons every day."

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