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The Shiralee (AKA Macaulay's Daughter) [Mini-series]
(The Shiralee, Hallmark Entertainment Network)
[Australia, 1988]

  • Simon Chilvers (Det Sgt Terry Farmer) as Thaddeus
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Luke
  • Frank Gallacher (Paul Bentley) as Beauty
  • Ray Meagher (Geoff Butler/Kurt Renner/Ernest Craven) as Polkadot
  • William Zappa (Derek Latham) as Donny


(Skyways, Lifestyle)
[Australia, 1979-1981]

  • Tina Bursill (Sonia Stevens)
  • Pepe Trevor (Lexie Patterson)


Snowy River: The McGregor Saga
(Snowy River, TV6)
[Australia, 1993-?]

  • Danny Adcock (Geoff Carlson) as Jarred Banks
  • Andy Anderson (Rick Manning)
  • Reg Evans (Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Jack Kelly
  • Gary Files (Fred Ferguson) as Clarendon
  • Clive Hearne (Magistrate/Judge Henley) as Mr. Custer
  • Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) as Gil Tyson
  • Bruce Kerr (Mr Harris/Gordon Humphrey) as Concannon
  • Bruce Kilpatrick (Roger Carter/Barry Lockwood/Terry Walters) as Tom Landers
  • Colette Mann (Doreen Anderson/Burns)
  • Sheryl Munks (Brumby Tucker) as Emily McGregor
  • Julie Nihill (Nurse/Lindy Peters)
  • James Patrick (Detective/Detective Murray Crabb) as Stacey Duncan
  • Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (Dr Massey/Mr Hudson) as Governor


Stark [Mini-series]
(Stark, BBC Prime)

  • Don Bridges (Rob Tennant) as Fight Referee
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Marina Keeper
  • Deborra-Lee Furness (Connie) as Chrissie
  • Bill Hunter (George Lucas) as Ocker Tyron
  • Colette Mann (Doreen Anderson/Burns) as Dixie


Sun On The Stubble
(Dalen mellan bergen, SVT)
[Australia, 1996-?]

  • Don Barker (Bill Jackson) as Uncle Gus


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