Ratbag Hero [Mini-series]
(Ratbag hero, Hallmark Entertainment Network)
[Australia, 1991]

  • Marion Edward (Mrs Reid/Mrs Beeton) as Gran
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Cocky Brown
  • George Mallaby (Paul Reid) as Benson
  • Robert Morgan (Ray Carter/Dr Kent/Norm Worthington) as McIntosh
  • Terry Gill (Det Sgt/Inspector Grace)as Skipper
  • Lawrence Held (Defence/Parole Board Chairman) as D'Arcy
  • Darius Perkins (Trevor Collins) as Dave
  • Jack Perry (Sol Davis/Reverend Johnson/Neighbour/Workman/Snow/Barman/Noddy McDougal)
  • Lawrence Mah (Dr Lee/Anaesthetist) as Billy Chu
  • Robert Ratti (Terry) as Branca
  • Lloyd Cunnington (Mr Goodwin/VJ Humphreys) as Canon
  • Simon Chilvers (Det Sgt Terry Farmer) as Baldy


Return to Eden
(Tillbaka till Eden, SVT/Kanal 5)
[Australia, 1986]

  • Olivia Hamnett (Kate Peterson) as Joanna Randall
  • Virginia Hey (Leigh Templar)
  • John Lee (Andrew Reynolds) as Philip Stewart
  • Lois Ramsay (Agnes Forster/Ettie Parslow) as Dot
  • James Smillie (Steve Wilson) as Dan Marshall

Return to Eden 2
(Tillbaka till Eden 2, SVT/TV6)

  • James Smillie (Steve Wilson) as Dan Marshall
  • Peta Toppano (Karen Travers) as Jilly Stewart


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