Ocean Girl
(Flickan från oceanen, TV4)
[Australia, 1994-?]

  • Kerry Armstrong (Lynn Warner) as Dr. Diane Bates
  • Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (Dr Massey/Mr Hudson) as Mr. Carmody


Paradise Beach
(Paradise Beach, TV6)
[Australia, 1993-?]

  • Zoe Bertram (Randi Goodlove) as Paula Taylor
  • Paula Duncan (Lorelei Wilkinson) as Joan Hayden
  • Andrew McKaige (Marty Jackson) as Nick Barsby


Police Rescue
(Räddningspatrullen, TV3)
[Australia, 1990-?]

  • Andy Anderson (Rick Manning) as Errol Crichton
  • Steve Bastoni (Peter McCormack) as Yiannis "Angel" Angelopolous
  • Frankie J Holden (Errol/Brad Henson) as Sgt Glenn "Spider" Webb
  • Bill Hunter (George Lucas) as Insp Keith "Crusher" Caroll
  • Judith McGrath (Colleen Powell) as Hazel


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