Law of the Land (AKA Justice of the Land)
(I de lugnaste vatten, TV6)
[Australia, 1993-?]

  • Olivia Hamnett (Kate Petersen) as Judge Blanche Avery
  • Val Lehman (Bea Smith) as Fran Weber
  • Andrew McKaige (Marty Jackson) as Sam Anderson
  • Richard Moir (Eddie Cook) as Clive O'Connor
  • Peter O'Brien (Tim Carter)
  • Wyn Roberts (Gillespie) as Hamilton Chalmers
  • Louise Siversen (Lou Kelly) as Lynne Rayner
  • Fiona Spence (Vera Bennett) as Magistrate Maggie Mulcahy


Mirror, Mirror [Mini-series]
(Spegel, spegel, SVT2)
[Australia/New Zealand, 1995]

  • Peter Bensley (Matt Delany)


Mission Impossible
(På farligt uppdrag, Kanal 5)
[USA, 1988-1990]

  • Gerard Kennedy (Al) as Colonel
  • William Zappa (Derek Latham) as Duvall


Murder, She Wrote
(Mord och inga visor, TV3)
[USA, 1984-?]

  • Kerry Armstrong (Lynn Warner) as Irina


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