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Bangkok HiltonBangkok Hilton [Mini-series]
(Bangkok Hilton, TV4)
[Australia, 1989]

  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins) as George McNair
  • Gerda Nicolson (Anne Reynolds) as Lady Faulkner

Big Sky
(Big Sky, TV4)
[Australia, 1996-?]

  • Bryan Marshall (Dr Jonathan Edmunds) as Harry
  • Wendy Playfair (Minnie Donovan) as Mrs Toohey
  • William Zappa (Derek Latham) as Bob
  • Wynn Roberts (Gillespie) as Fred


Blue HeelersBlue Heelers
(Blue Heelers, Kanal 5)
[Australia, 1994-]

  • Janet Andrewartha (Reb Kean) as Detective Bridget Ryan
  • Kerry Armstrong (Lynn Warner) as Sandy Fielding
  • Lesley Baker (Monica Ferguson/Belle Peters) as Mrs Flynn
  • Lois Collinder (Alice Jenkins) as Nina Dwyer
  • Belinda Davey (Hazel Kent) as Lyn Garrick
  • Reg Evans (Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Keith Purvis
  • Adrianthe Galani (Mrs Bentley) as Helena Hasham
  • Terry Gill (Detective Sergeant/Inspector Grace) as Clive Adamson
  • Olivia Hamnett (Dr. Kate Petersen) as Gwen Burton
  • Brian Hannan (Terry Harrison) as Nat Gough
  • Brian Hannan (Terry Harrison) as Joe Lucas
  • Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) as Neil Hutton
  • Sydney Jackson (Arthur Richards) as Father Jackson
  • Barbara Jungwirth (Lorna)
  • Maxine Klibingaitis (Bobbie Mitchell) as Judy Bradley
  • Julie Nihill (Nurse/Lindy Peters) as Chris Reilly
  • Ian Smith (Ted Douglas) as Clive Burton
  • Nick Waters (Gary Wilder) as Ted Faulkner
  • Joy Westmore (Joyce Barry) as Mrs Buchanan


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Thanks to John Lenton for his Who's Who in Wentworth which has been an invaluable source when looking up Prisoner character names.


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