[Australia, 1984]

  • Arkie Whiteley (Donna Mason) as Sarah Cameron

[Australia, 1985]

  • Kim Deacon (Judith-Anne Watkins) as Hazel
  • Bill Hunter (George Lucas) as Browning
  • Julie Nihill (Nurse/Lindy Peters) as Joycie

Return to Snowy River (AKA The Untamed)
(Hjälten från Snowy River (AKA Mannen från Snowy River 2))
[Australia, 1988]

  • Sigrid Thornton (Roslyn Coulson) as Jessica Harrison
  • Bryan Marshall (Dr Jonathan Edmunds) as Harry Hawkes
  • Cornelia Frances (Carmel Saunders) as Mrs Darcy
  • Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) as Simmons
  • Wyn Roberts (Gillespie) as Priest

[Australia, 1985]

  • Tina Bursill (Sonia Stevens) as Suzy
  • Simon Chilvers (Det Sgt Terry Farmer) as Chief Super. Bill Sullivan
  • Regina Gaigalas (Eileen Connor) as Detective Insp Joan Pearson
  • Tim Hughes (Sgt Bentley/Bazza/Len/Major Hunt) as Sgt Shaw
  • Stan Kouros (Peter Gleason/Detective no 1) as Peters
  • Jonathan Sweet (Keith Scott) as Banks


Robbery Under Arms [TV-film]
[Australia, 1995]

  • Andy Anderson (Rick Manning) as George
  • Don Barker (Bill Jackson) as Wilson
  • David Bradshaw (Jason Richards/Tony Maguire) as Goring
  • Deborah Coulls (Micki Wallace) as Kate
  • Peter Cummins (Hartman) as Moran
  • Elaine Cusick (Linda Jones) as Mum
  • Graham Duckett (Thomas Gilmour) as Gambling Curate
  • Michael Duffield (Charles Baldwin) as Mr Falkland
  • Peter Dunn (Matt Thomas/Adrian Foster) as Jones
  • Marcus Eyre (Fred McDonald/Henchman/Ron/Frank Richards) as Host, Border Shanty
  • Patrick Frost (Inspector Bridges) as Anglican Minister
  • Sue Guerin (Barbara Fields) as Miss Falkland
  • Jack Harris (Terry Barry) as Big Warder
  • John Kelly (Father Harris) as Old Convict


Ride on Stranger [TV-film]
[Australia, 1979]

  • Liddy Clark (Bella Albrecht/Sharon Smart) as Shannon
  • Ian Gilmour (Kevin Burns) as Freddie
  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins) as Inspector
  • Debra Lawrence (Nurse/Sally Dean/Daphne Graham) as Jenny
  • Walter Pym (Angus Cameron) as Bishop Steele


River Street
(River Street)
[Australia, 1996]

  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as Sargeant
  • Peter Hosking (Gary Grey/Keith More) as Foreman
  • Bill Hunter (George Lucas) as Vincent
  • Lois Ramsay (Agnes Forster/Ettie Parslow) as Edna Davis


Ruby In Paradise
[USA, 1993]

  • Andy Anderson (Rick Manning) as Mr Nursey


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