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[Australia/UK, 1997]

  • Caroline Gillmer (Helen Smart) as Susie
  • Sandy Gore (Kay White) as Anja
  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins) as Alex
  • Rebel Russel (as Rebel Penfold-Russel) (Libby Blake) as Carla


The Perfectionist
[Australia, 1987]

  • Maggie Dence (Bev Baker) as Rosie Peters


The Piano Video CoverThe Piano
[Australia/New Zealand, 1992]

  • Geneviève Lemon (Marlene 'Rabbit' Warren) as Nessie

Picnic at Hanging Rock DVD CoverPicnic at Hanging Rock
(Utflykt i det okända)
[Australia, 1975]

  • Kirsty Child (Anne Yates/Glynis Johnson/Willie Beecham) as Miss Lumley
  • Vivean Gray (Edna Pearson) as Miss MacCraw
  • Jenny Lovell (Jenny Hartley) as Blanche
  • Wyn Roberts (Gillespie) as Sergeant Bumpher

The Pirate Movie Video CoverThe Pirate Movie
[Australia, 1982]

  • Clive Hearne (Russell/Mr Walton/Magistrate/Prosecuting Counsel/Prosecuting Barrister/Judge/Judge Henley) as Maitre d'
  • Peter Hosking (Gary Grey/Dan Proctor/Keith Moore) as Cop
  • Maggie Kirkpatrick (Joan Ferguson) as Ruth
  • Margot Knight (Sharon Gilmour/Terri Malone) as Nun
  • Iain Murton (Customer/Hotel Clerk/Young Man Shopper/Jim Barry) as Cop
  • Kevin Summers (Detective/Det Sgt Parsons/TV Delivery Man/Lou Reynolds/Rev Alpha Centauri/Ben Fulbright) as Cop

Proof Video CoverProof
(Blint bevis (AKA Blint vittne))
[Australia, 1991]

  • Belinda Davey (Hazel Kent) as Doctor
  • Roy Edmunds (Immigration Officer/Gate Guard/Truck Driver/Arthur Charlton) as 2nd Policeman
  • Cliff Ellen (Mr Forsyth/Dad "Bluey" Parker/Derro Customer) as Cemetery Caretaker
  • Frank Gallacher (Paul Bentley) as Vet
  • Frankie J Holden (Brad Henson) as Brian


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