I Can't Get Started
(I can't get started)
[Australia, 1985]

  • Les Dayman (Geoff McRae) as Sergeant Beale
  • Sandy Gore (Kay White) as Jenny
  • Deborah Kennedy (Gerri Doogan) as Rose
  • Jenny Lovell (Jenny Hartley) as Debbie
  • Barry Quinn (Dr Greg Miller) as John
  • John Turnbull (Ricky Lee) as First Waiter


I Live with Me Dad
(Pappa och jag)
[Australia, 1985]

  • Nigel Bradshaw (Dennis Cruickshank) as Mr Ross
  • Anne Charleston (Lorraine Watkins/Policewoman/Deidre Kean) as Mrs Harkness
  • Peter Cummins (Hartman) as Sargeant
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as Griffin
  • Robyn Gibbes (Melissa Norton/Sam Greenway) as Della
  • Val Lehman (Bea Smith) as Marge
  • Anne Phelan (Officer Manson/Bernadette/Myra Desmond) as Mrs Jones

[Australia, 1976]

  • Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth)
  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins)


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