Hammers over the Anvil
(Smidda passioner)
[Australia, 1991]

  • Frank Gallacher (Paul Bentley) as Mr Thomas
  • Frankie J Holden (Errol/Brad Henson) as Bushman
  • Alethea McGrath (Dot Farrar) as Mrs Bilson


[Australia, 1982]

  • Frank Gallacher (Paul Bentley) as Dick Molnar
  • Bill Hunter (George Lucas) as Duncan
  • Richard Moir (Eddie Cook) as Stephen West
  • Carole Skinner (Nola McKenzie) as Mary Ford


Hotel Sorrento (AKA Sorrento Beach)
(Hotell Sorrento)
[Australia/UK, 1995]

  • Caroline Gillmer (Helen Smart) as Hilary Moynihan

Howling III: The Marsupials
(Howling III)
[Australia, 1987]

  • Glenda Linscott (Rita Connors) as Bahloo
  • Carole Skinner (Nola McKenzie) as Yara

Hungry Heart
[Australia, 1987]

  • Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth)
  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins)


[Australia, 1991]

  • Kerry Armstrong (Lynn Warner) as Michelle Harris


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