[Australia, 1981]

  • Don Barker (Bill Jackson) as N.C.O. at Ball
  • Les Dayman (Geoff McCrae) as Artillery Officer
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Athletics Officer 1
  • Jenny Lovell (Jenny Hartley) as Waitress
  • Gerda Nicolson (Mrs Roberts/Ann Reynolds) as Rose Hamilton

[Australia, 1992]

  • Ron Bingham (Delivery Man 1/Man 2/Truck Driver/Trucker) as Tubs
  • Simon Chilvers (Det Sgt Terry Farmer) as Detective
  • Jane Clifton (Yvonne/Margo Gaffney) as Mayor
  • Robin Cuming (Rev Johnston/Jack Crosse/Mr Campbell/Mr Saunders/Dr Green/Mr Waters) as Councillor
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as Bagpipes
  • Cliff Ellen (Mr Forsyth/Dad "Bluey" Parker/Derro) as Customer Desk Sergeant
  • Earl Francis (Defence Counsel/Mr Perkins/Defence Solicitor/Peyton Morse/Ridley Durham/Alex Woodman/Mr Wilmot) as Control Tower Garbo
  • Gerard Kennedy (Al) as Trevor
  • Rod Williams (Sgt Whitty) as The Pope


[Australia, 1988]

  • Roy Baldwin (Detective/Detective Sergeant/Malcolm Johnson/Mr Burton/Geoffrey Chaucer) as Librarian
  • Julia Blake (Evelyn Randel/Alice Dodds/Nancy McCormack) as Elizabeth
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as Bystander
  • Dawn Klingberg (Woman/Officer Edwards/Officer Carter/Ellen/Jen/Mrs Graham)
  • David Letch (David O'Connell) as Gallery Manager
  • Alex Menglet (Ray Proctor) as Lazlo
  • Jillian Murray (Jody Adams) as Leela
  • Marilyn O'Donnell (Muriel/Wanda) as Bystander
  • David Swann (Wayne Adams) as Bystander
  • Terry Trimble (Harry Smith/Pentridge Guard/Customer/Van Driver/Sergeant Thomas/Det Insp Lovell/Bernard Cox) as Removalist

The Getting of Wisdom
[Australia, 1977]

  • Kerry Armstrong (Lynn Warner) as Kate
  • Julia Blake (Evelyn Randel/Alice Dodds/Nancy McCormack) as Isabella Shepherd
  • Dorothy Bradley (Mrs Bennett) as Miss Hicks
  • Richard Butler (Judge)
  • Celia de Burgh (Sara Hamilton) as M.P.
  • Kim Deacon (Judith-Anne Watkins) as Lilith
  • Terence Donovan (Bob Taylor) as Tom Macnamara
  • Susannah Fowle (Lori Young/Maynard) as Laura Tweedle Rambotham
  • Jan Friedl (Officer/Brenda Latham) as Miss Snodgras
  • Di Greentree (Singer/Sister Franklin/Mrs Egbert) as Maisie Shepherd
  • Patricia Kennedy (Miss McBride) as Miss Chapman
  • Maggie Kirkpatrick (Joan Ferguson) as Sarah
  • Margo McLennan (Catherine Roberts)
  • Monica Maughan (Pat O'Connell) as Miss Day
  • Gerda Nicolson (Mrs Roberts/Ann Reynolds)
  • Candy Raymond (Sandra Hamilton) as Miss Zielinski
  • Sigrid Thornton (Roslyn Coulson) as Maria

The Golden Braid
(Gyllene flätan)
[Australia, 1990]

  • Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth) as Lady with Clock
  • Marion Heathfield (Edie Dobson) as Cleaning Woman
  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins) as Psychiatrist
  • Monica Maughan (Pat O'Connell) as Antique Shop Owner


The Good Wife (AKA The Umbrella Woman)
(Hustru och älskarinna)
[Australia, 1987]

  • Barry Hill (Lyle Davies) as  Mr Fielding
  • May Howlett (Mrs Downer/Vera Rodgers) as  Mrs Carmichael
  • Carole Skinner (Nola McKenzie) as Mrs Gibson


Ground Zero
[Australia, 1987]

  • Janet Andrewartha (Reb Kean) as New Neighbour
  • Alan Barrett (Gate Guard/Truck Driver/Driver/Blackmoor Officer) as Archive's Security
  • Kylie Belling (Sarah West) as Receptionist
  • Simon Chilvers (Det Sgt Terry Farmer) as Head of Commission
  • Peter Cummins (Hartman) as Ballantyne
  • Gary Down (Des Williams) as Commercial A.D.
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as British Veteran
  • Beverley Dunn (Ethel Warner/Mrs Mitchell/Irene Henderson/Cynthia Leach) as Commisioner #1
  • Stewart Faichney (Errol Brodie/Charlie Mitchell) as "James Dean T-Shirt"
  • Peter Harvey-Wright (Jerry Steele/Peter Bladen) as TV Newsreader
  • Douglas Hedge (Police Surgeon) as Film Archives Clerk
  • John Heywood (Mr Proudfoot/Defence) as Australian Veteran
  • Wayne Hirst (Policeman/Uniformed Constable 2/SOG 7) as Security Officer
  • Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) as Commisioner #2
  • Brian James (Dr Kennedy/Stanley Dobson) as Vice-Admiral Windsor
  • David Le Page (Policeman 2/Policeman 1/Mitch/Policeman/Gate Guard) as Agent
  • Gerard Maguire (Jim Fletcher) as TV Presenter
  • Mark Mitchell (Restauranteur/Steve Formby/Peter Waterson) as Detective
  • John Murphy (Inspector Horne/Sgt Parker/Mr Wilson/Martin Cawley/Geoffrey Johnson) as Laboratory Storeman
  • Roger Oakley (Chris Young) as Commercial Director


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