[Australia, 1989]

  • Brenda Addie (Doctor/June Hosking) as Gloria
  • Julia Blake (Evelyn Randel/Alice Dodds/Nancy McCormack) as Iya Zetnick
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Old Charlie
  • Tibor Gyapas (Yobbo) as Pub Brawler


[Australia, 1996]

  • Roy Baldwin (Detective/Detective Sergeant/Malcolm Johnson/Mr Burton/Geoffrey Chaucer) as District Officer
  • Randall Berger (Hal Leifenberger) as American Editor
  • Samantha Bews (Delores) as Party Guest
  • Doug Bowles (Phil Clayton) as Charles Chauvel
  • Joan Brockenshire (Tina Britten) as Salvation Army Lady
  • Michael Carman (Reporter/Newsman) as Actor
  • Fiona Corke (Alison Mills) as Miss Taylor
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as Macintosh
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Hobo
  • John Frawley (James Marne/Hary Bassinger) as Headmaster
  • Jan Friedl (Officer/Brenda Latham) as Deidre Watts
  • Mark Hennessy (Stunt Victim(Pop)) as Horace Cotton
  • Barry Hill (Lyle Davies) as Hollingworth
  • Philip Holder (Mr Brice) as Wealthy Man
  • Tim Hughes (Sgt Bentley/Bazza/Len/Major Hunt) as James Dickson
  • Rick Ireland (George Burke/Greg/Scab/Loutish Youth/Billy Thompson/Sticky Beak/Slick Simpson) as Mrs Flynn's Lover
  • Sue Jones (Sister Brookes/Kathy Hall) as Elsa Chauvel
  • Tiriel Mora (Kevin Stansfield) as Sydney Station Porter
  • Iain Murton (Customer/Hotel Clerk/Young Man Shopper/Jim Barry) as Stage Manager
  • Tim Nelson (Kid) as William Bates
  • Nicki Paull (Doris Cruickshank/Lisa Mullins) as Marcelle Flynn
  • Chris Peters (Policeman (double)) as Streetfighter
  • John Raaen (Policeman) as Card Player/Bandit
  • David Ravenswood (Dr Pulman/Ronnie Willis) as Theatre Director
  • Adrian Wright (Graham Lan/Neil Murray) as Harold Watts


The Fire in the Stone
[Australia, 1985]

  • Don Barker (Bill Jackson) as Harry
  • Ray Meagher (Geoff Butler/Kurt Renner/Ernest Craven) as Dosh


The Fringe Dwellers
[Australia, 1986]

  • Kylie Belling (Sarah West) as Noonah Comeaway
  • Justine Saunders (Pamela Madigan) as Mollie Comeaway


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