[Australia, 1986]

  • Julia Blake (Evelyn Randel/Alice Dodds/Nancy McCormack) as Club Speaker
  • Maurie Fields (Len Murphy) as Maurie
  • Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth) as Martha
  • Norman Kaye (Ron Watkins) as Tom
  • Monica Maughan (Pat O'Connell) as Bea

[Australia, 1987]

  • Briony Behets (Susan Rice) as Helen

Celia (AKA Celia: Child of Terror)
[Australia, 1988]

  • John Arnold (Doug Parker)
  • Robin Cumming (Rev Johnston/Jack Crosse/Mr Campbell/Mr Saunders/Dr Green/Mr Waters) as Doctor
  • Reg Evans (Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Jack
  • Maryanne Fahey (Kelly Fraser) as Pat Carmichael
  • Deborra-Lee Furness (Connie) as Miss Greenway
  • Philip Holder (Mr Brice) as Vicar Shaw
  • Louise Le Nay (Sandy Edwards) as Debbie Burke
  • Peter Lindsay (Stud Wilson) as Mike Mayfield
  • Alex Menglet (Ray Proctor) as Mr Goldman
  • Steve Payne (Office Manager) as Government Official
  • Nicholas Trinder (Waiter/Ward Sims/Phillip Braknell) as one of the Hobyah's Pack
  • Ernest Wilson (Drunk Derelict/Officer Blunt) as Little Old Man
  • William Zappa (Derek Latham) as Inspector John Burke

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith
[Australia, 1978]

  • John Bowman (Frank Sutton/Henry Lawrence/Jerry Turner) as Mullutt
  • Michael Carman (Newsman) as J C Thomas
  • Liddy Clark (Bella Albrecht/Sharon Smart) as Kate
  • Ian Gilmour (Kevin Burns) as Eddie
  • Ray Meagher (Geoff Butler/Kurt Renner/Ernest Craven) as Dud Edmonds
  • Tim Robertson (Det. Sgt. Allen/Prosecutor/C.E.S. Officer/Ron Crosby/Les Brook/Dr David Malone) as Healey


Children of the Revolution
(Children of the Revolution)
[Australia, 1996]

  • Alex Menglet (Ray Proctor) as Yuri

[Australia, 1965]

  • Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth) as Deaf and Dumb Woman


The Clinic
[Australia, 1982]

  • Betty Bobbit (Judy Bryant) as Wilma
  • Jane Clifton (Yvonne/Margo Gaffney) as Sharon
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart)
  • Pat Evison (Jessie Windom)
  • Liddy Holloway (Sister Kelly/Sister Haines)
  • Alex Menglet (Ray Proctor)
  • Gerda Nicolson (Mrs Roberts/Ann Reynolds) as Linda


Coda (AKA Symphony of Evil) [TV-film]
[Australia, 1987]

  • Liddy Clark (Bella Albrecht/Sharon Smart)
  • Patrick Frost (Inspector Bridges)
  • Olivia Hamnett (Kate Petersen)


Country Town
[Australia, 1971]

  • Peter Cummins (Hartman)
  • Maurie Fields (Maurie Parks/Len Murphy)
  • Sheila Florance (Lizzie Birdsworth)
  • Gerard Maguire (Jim Fletcher)
  • Gerda Nicolson (Mrs Roberts/Ann Reynolds)


Crocodile Dundee
(Crocodile Dundee: en storviltjägare i New York)
[Australia, 1986]

  • Terry Gill (Detective Sergeant/Inspector Grace) as Duffy
  • Christine Totos (Lizta Stathopolous) as Rosita

Crocodile Dundee II
(Crocodile Dundee II)
[Australia/USA, 1988]

  • Betty Bobbit (Judy Bryant) as Meg (Tourist)

A Cry in the Dark
(Ett skrik i mörkret)
[Australia, 1988]

  • Peter Aanensen (Sgt Malley/Detective/Det Insp Thorne/Det Insp Tonkin) as Sims
  • Brenda Addie (Doctor/June Hosking) as Judy West
  • Bob Baines (Plain Clothes Policeman) as Chief Minister
  • Matthew Barker (Policeman/SOD Officer/Constable Williams) as O'Loughlin
  • John Bishop (Brian/Ken/Charlie/Frank/Roger Harris) as Salesman
  • David Bradshaw (Jason Richards/Tony Maguire) as Murray Haby
  • Don Bridges (Rob Tennant) as Farmer
  • Peter Byrne (Peter Curtis/Ambulanceman) as George Samson
  • Merrin Canning (Guard) as Jury Member
  • Bruce Carter (Superintendant/Bank Manager/Mr Maine/Dr Wainwright/Dr Eastman) as Newsreader
  • James Condon (James Dwyer (Minister)) as Reginald Scholes
  • Burt Cooper (Mr Baxter/Terry Mansini/Maintenance Man (Max)/Policeman/Uniformed Police Sgt/Det Sgt Watson) as Gilligan
  • Charles Dance (Male Passerby) as TV Panel Guest
  • Max Davidson (Councillor Barnes/Clarrie Forbes/Harry Wilson) as Bowler
  • Robin Dene (Uncle Ed) as Jury Member
  • Maureen Edwards (Gracie/Hazel Crowe/Officer Bailey/Passing Car Driver/Newscaster) as Kate Woodman
  • Reg Evans (Electrician/Fred (Foreman)/Mick "Foxy" Lawson/Howard Simmons) as Jury Member
  • Maurie Fields (Uncle Arch/Maurie Parks/Len Murphy) as Barrett
  • Gary Files (Fred Ferguson) as Professor Chaikin
  • Peter Flett (Psychiatrist/Graeme Hopkins/Brother Red Earth/Alan Maxwell) as Bashott
  • John Ford (Judge Stanley) as Bowler
  • Jan Friedl (Officer/Brenda Latham) as Ininti Store Manageress
  • Deborra-Lee Furness (Connie) as Magazine Reporter
  • Justin Gaffney (Thug/Truck Driver/Policeman/Constable/Police Constable/Mr Moran/Policeman Briggs) as Colin McRae
  • Vincent 'Vince' Gil (Wayne Bradshaw/Joe Palmer/Tom Harley) as Raff
  • Caroline Gillmer (Helen Smart) as Amy Whittaker
  • Ian Gilmour (Kevin Burns) as John Buckland
  • Eve Godly (Mrs Dennis/Mrs Landon/Mrs Warren) as Jury Member
  • Sandy Gore (Kay White) as Joy Kuhl
  • Reg Gorman (Bert Gibbs) as Mr Whittaker
  • Billie Hammerberg (Valerie Richardson/May Collins) as Mrs Herron
  • Ray Hare (Mr Thomas) as Actor
  • George Harlem (Manoli/Ahmed Bakarta) as Factory Worker
  • Douglas Hedge (Police Surgeon) as Jury Member
  • Lawrence Held (Defence/Parole Board Chairman) as Plumb
  • John Heywood (Mr Proudfoot/Defence) as David Hall
  • Frankie J Holden (Errol/Brad Henson) as Leslie Thompson
  • Philip Holder (Mr Brice) as Newsreader
  • Abbie Holmes (Policewoman Hargreaves/Policewoman/Constable/Nurse) as Additional Journalist
  • Alan Hopgood (Wally Wallace) as President Cox
  • Peter Hosking (Gary Grey/Keith More) as Macknay
  • Brian James (Dr Kennedy/Stanley Dobson) as Cliff Murchison
  • Bill Johnston (Mike Farely/Norm Barry) as Jury Member
  • Paul Karo (Det Sgt/Det Insp Rouse/Sergeant) as Lecturer
  • Trevor Kent (Frank Burke) as Bomb Scare Policeman
  • Bruce Kilpatrick (Policeman/Greg Dixon/Roger Carter/Barry Lockwood/Terry Walters) as Peter Dean
  • John Larking (Ernie Rowland/Vince Talbot/Announcer/KVC (V/O)/Joe McCormack) as Barrister
  • Debra Lawrence (Nurse/Sally Dean/Daphne Graham) as Sally Lowe
  • Lindy McConchie (Veronica) Conrad Grey's Guest
  • Ian McFayden (Joe Timmons/Det Fred Mears) as Attorney-General
  • Maggie Millar (Marie Winter) as Sister
  • Mark Mitchell (Restauranteur/Steve Formby/Peter Waterson) as School Teacher
  • Iain Murton (Customer/Hotel Clerk/Young Man Shopper/Jim Barry) as Operation Ochre Police
  • Daryl Pellizer (Charlie Grayson) as Beer Garden Policeman
  • Velma Pratt (Dot/Doris/Matron Swartz/Taps) as Jury Member
  • John Quinn (Bernie West/Joe Walters) as Frank Kennedy
  • Robert Ratti (Terry) as Fruiterer
  • David Ravenswood (Dr Pulman/Ronnie Willis) as Prefessor Nairn
  • Glenn Robbins (Husband/Detective) as Young Father
  • Tim Robertson (Det Sgt Allen/Prosecutor/C.E.S. Officer/Ron Crosby/Les Brook/Dr David Malone) as Wallace
  • Gary Samolin (Danny Russell) as School Teacher
  • Peter Tabor (Doctor/Mitch Wallis/Harry McCormack/David Carter) as TV Producer
  • James Taylor (Judge/Magistrate/Mr Collins/Mr Brownleigh/Chief Insp Finlay/Dr Small/Dr Goldstein) as Justice Gallagher
  • Charles 'Bud' Tingwell (Dr Massey/Mr Hudson) as Muirhead
  • Peter Tulloch (Sen Det Bradley/Insp Brookes/Ambulance Attendant) as Dinner Party Guest
  • George Viskich (Minister) as Jury Member
  • Terrie Waddell (Lisa Mullins) as Mary Walsh
  • James Wright (Det Sgt Maloney/Prosecutor/Man/James Watson) as Jury Member
  • Paul Young (Captain Barton/Trevor Priest) as Sgt Cocks


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