Back of Beyond
[Australia, 1995]

  • Glenda Linscott (Rita Connors) as Mary Margaret


Best Enemies
[Australia, 1986]

  • Sigrid Thornton (Roslyn Coulson)


Blowing Hot and Cold
[Australia, 1989]

  • Elspeth Ballantyne (Meg Jackson/Morris) as Shelagh MacBean


Blue Fin
[Australia, 1978]

  • Elspeth Ballantyne (Meg Jackson/Morris) as The Mother
  • Liddy Clark (Bella Albrecht/Sharon Smart) as Ruth


Blue Fire Lady
[Australia, 1978]

  • Lisa Aldenhoven (Sally Lee/Cheryll Armstrong) as Office Receptionist
  • Richard Butler (Judge) as Judge #2
  • Liddy Clark (Bella Albrecht/Sharon Smart) as Betty
  • Bill Collins (Jury Foreman) as Broadcaster
  • Syd Conabere (Magistrate/Frank Henderson/Ernie (Barman)/Mr Jeffries) as Mr Bartlett
  • Peter Cummins (Hartman) as McIntyre
  • Lloyd Cunnington (Mr Goodwin/VJ Humphreys) as Mr Grey
  • Marion Edward (Mrs Reid/Mrs Beeton) as Mrs Gianini
  • Leila Hayes (Jeannie Baxter) as Old Lady
  • Clive Hearn (Russel/Mr Walton/Magistrate/Prosecuting Counsel/Prosecuting Barrister/Magistrate/Judge/Judge Henley) as Judge #1
  • Irene Hewitt (Matron/Woman 2/Doris) as Mrs Bartlett
  • Telford Jackson (Mr Gilbert/Desk Sergeant/Sergeant/Mr Askin/Peter Moss) as Chief Steward
  • Les James (George Wilkins/Barman) as Rodeo Man #1
  • David John (Larry) as Curtis
  • Jack Mobbs (Business Associate/Frank Barlow/Taxi Driver) as Postman
  • John Murphy (Inspector Horne/Sgt Parker/Mr Wilson/Martin Cawley/Geoffrey Johnson) as Vet
  • Anne Sutherland (Officer/Officer Williams/Officer Owen/TV reporter) as Mrs Bartlett
  • Terry Trimble (Harry Smith/Pentridge Guard/Customer/Van Driver/Sergeant Thomas/Det Insp Lovell/Bernard Cox) as Man at Track


Body Melt
(Body Melt)
[Australia, 1993]

  • Lesley Baker (Monica Ferguson/Belle Peters) as Mack
  • Lucinda Cowden (Receptionist/Mandy) as Andrea
  • Graham Dow (Dr Marshall/Dr Vaughn/Det Carter/Judge Boreham) as Doctor
  • Tommy Dysart (Jock Stewart) as Sargeant
  • Regina Gaigalas (Eileen Connor) as Shaan
  • Vincent 'Vince' Gill (Wayne Bradshaw) as Pud
  • Gerard Kennedy (Al) as Det Sam Phillips
  • Jillian Murray (Jody Adams) as Angelica Noble
  • Ian Smith (Ted Douglas/Mr Potter) as Dr Carrera
  • Adrian Wright (Graham Lang/Neil Murray) as Thompson Noble


The Boy From Andromeda [TV-film]
[New Zealand/Canada, 1991]

  • Andy Anderson (Rick Manning) as Tosh


Breakfast in Paris
[Australia, 1982]

  • Elspeth Ballantyne (Meg Jackson/Morris) as Millie
  • Rod Mullinar (Wayne Travers/David Austin) as Michael Barnes


Brilliant Lies
(Brilljanta lögner)
[Australia, 1996]

  • Lisa Aldenhoven (Sally Lee/Cheryll Armstrong) as Stephanie Fitzgerald
  • Beverley Dunn (Ethel Warner/Mrs Mitchell/Irene Henderson/Cynthia Leach) as President
  • Tim Elston (Dr Scott Collins) as Young Brian
  • Jenny Jarman-Walker (Julie Cameron/Manageress/Berryl Simmonds/Auntie Harriet) as Ruth Miller
  • Brad Lindsay (Gate Guard) as Registrar
  • Neil Melville (Phil Sutton/Mick Kirby) as Vince
  • Iain Murton (Customer/Hotel Clerk/Young Man Shopper/Jim Barry) as Mr Hall


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