Miscellaneous Prisoner Pictures

Angel and the Freak Bea and Joan Bea and Mum in court Bea having a go at Margo Bea, Karen and Doreen in the laundry Bea Smith Bea trying to im-press Lynn Bobbie, Leigh, Judy and 'Rabbit' Chrissie and Bea let Margo know that they are not pleased with having to take the rap for the Wentworth fire Colleen and Doreen Doreen, Meg and Kevin Fight in the garden Franky trying to hit on Karen Jim, Vera and Meg in Erica's office Julie Egbert is caught by Pat Slattery Karen and Lynn arrive at Wentworth in the first episode Lou Kelly Margo on fire Marilyn and Eddie Marilyn, Eddie and Yvonne Marlene and Matt Matt and Marlene ties the knot Meg and Vera Meg Morris Rita Connors Steve Fawkner and a burning bed The Freak welcomes Nancy McGormack to Wentworth Vera, Doreen and Bea Vera in danger Wentworth on fire

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