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TELEVISION / Making a drama out of a soap: Jeremy Novick on the viewers made prisoners of Cell Block H

Independent - September 20, 1989

The Soap Woman is an easily identifiable beast. It enters a room shoulders first. Its hair is immobile and its face is caked in more powder than Colombia produces in a year. As for food, it feeds almost exclusively upon men.

There is one breed of Soap Women which is different. The women of Prisoner: Cell Block H. Shoulders are padded strictly with muscle. Make up? They don't even comb their hair. They don't eat very much: there are no men.

Without a dollop of gloss, Prisoner: Cell Block H is so popular a soap that it is currently being seen in over 40 countries and is dubbed into more than 12 languages.

Produced by The Grundy Organisation of Australia (also responsible for such cultural landmarks as Neighbours), Prisoner: Cell Block H is one of those strange things. A cult. And it is armed with only those statutory low-sud soap weapons - a budget not exceeding pounds 3.50 per episode, sets made out of balsa wood and scripts made out of the bits of balsa wood that weren't used for the sets.

It's been going since February 1979 and the last episode was made three years ago (it has some time to run on British TV). The cast is made up almost exclusively of women, and more important, they are unglamorous, independent, tough women. Women who don't need men. The show goes out in the middle of the night and is so rich in kitsch that the TV set practically oozes Golden Syrup. Add three spoonfuls of camp and you'll begin to understand why it has a huge gay/lesbian following.

Viewing (and massive video) figures apart, there is a British fan club with over 3,000 members, a fanzine (H Block Herald), and a following verging on the fanatical.

This Thursday sees the world premiere of Prisoner: Cell Block H - The Stage Play. And are the Blockies (as some fans like to call themselves) pleased? No! They're horrified! They're going to boycott the show.

You see, the hard line characters (and more to the point, the actresses who played them) are not in the show. Ask why and you're told by the producers that it's 'a long story'. The stage is left to softer, more palatable characters and a selection of English replacements. An example:

there's an inmate called Frankie Doyle. Rough, tough and as butch as a kennel full of boxer dogs. The original actress, Carol Burns made the role her own. In the stage show Doyle is played by English rose, Joanna Monro (whom many associate with the caring profession because of her role in Angels).

The two stars, Patsy King and Elspeth Ballantyne, (the Cell Block governess and warder respectively) both claim to be mystified as to the cause of the fans' discontent. 'We only know what we've read. Quite frankly I don't know what the fuss is about. The mail we get is lovely', they say almost as one. They also claim to be mystified as to the show's gay appeal.

Ros Vecsey and Tracey Elliott, founders of the fan club, will not be in the first night audience at the Wimbledon Theatre (see below). It was a tough decision. Prisoner: Cell Block H, The Original is their show. 'Pure television entertainment. Extremely tacky. . . the epitome of bad taste, ham acting, tacky scenery and trash content'. They clearly feel that Prisoner: Cell Block H, The Stage Play cannot live up to such high expectations.


Sept 21-30: Wimbledon Theatre (01-540 0362)
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Oct 9 (1 week): Charter, Preston (0772-58858)
Oct 16 (1 week): Empire, Sunderland (091-514 2517)
Oct 23 (1 week): Empire, Liverpool (051-709 1555)
Oct 30 (1 week): Palace, Manchester (061-236 9922)
Nov 6 (1 week): Theatre Royal, Lincoln (0522-25555)
Nov 13 (1 week): Congress Theatre, Eastbourne (0323-412 000)
Nov 20 (1 week): Dominion Theatre, London (01- 580 9562)
Nov 27 (1 week): King's, Southsea (0705-828 282)
Dec 4 (1 week): Bristol Hippodrome (0272-299 444)
Dec 11 (1 week): Alexandra Theatre, Birmingham (021- 643 1231).


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