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The Wentworth TalkerThe Wentworth Talker

This talker is for people who love Prisoner Cell block H and everything about it. It is opened 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Connect to wentworth.amber.org.uk:4321 via telnet.

There is also a Java interface available for The Wentworth Talker at The Wentworth Talker homepage.


Kvinnofängelset Chatten på Tittarstorm.nuTittarstorms Kvinnofängelset Chat (Tittarstorm's Prisoner Chat) Swedish

Visit Tittarstorm and select 'Filmsnack', then select 'Kvinnofängelset'.


#Prisoner - The Prisoner: Cell Block H chat on Austnet - (mIRC)#Prisoner on Austnet IRC
The Prisoner: Cell Block H Chat on Austnet

This chat is opened 24 hours a day but peak chat times are before and after Prisoner is shown on TV4 in Sweden (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays after 22.00 CET (9 p.m. UK)).

Connect to an Austnet server using your IRC client (like mIRC) and /join #Prisoner.

Other Channels are: #Cell_Block_H (The British PCBH Chatroom) and #Lexie (The Lexie Chat)

Austnet Servers:

  • Europe - eu.austnet.org (Sweden - tni.se.eu.austnet.org / UK - integrity.uk.eu.austnet.org)
  • Australia - au.austnet.org
  • New Zealand - nz.austnet.org
  • USA - us.austnet.org
  • Canada - ca.austnet.org


austnet Now!Get mIRC!

For more information on Austnet and Austnet Servers visit the Austnet website.
For more information on IRC in general and on mIRC in particular visit the mIRC website.


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