August 2000

Hello Everybody!
I'm back from seeing Tina in Copenhagen and Gothenburg and I'm still on a high! Tina was just...just wonderful, fabulous, radiating, gorgeous...I can't describe it! I still can't believe I was there. I want to see her again and again and again and...I can't get enough of her.
So how where the shows? Well I got to the stadium in Copenhagen around four. They let us in at six and I ran as fast as I could, but I still got in the second row. Tina was great, but the audience was a little bit "off". She didn't seem to be able to warm up the crowd as much as she wanted.
   I had this big banner and she saw it and waved to me. The last song was Twenty Four Seven and she came down to sing with the

crowd, but when she got to me, there was nothing for me to sing, so Tina laughed and moved on.
   Then I left for Gothenburg. I got to the stadium at three, since I wanted to get in the first row and I did! But I wouldn't have made it if it wasn't for a girl called Jasmine that I met outside the stadium. She ran so fast when they opened the gates. Tina went on stage around half past nine and she saw my banner immediately and waved and laughed. During the show she threw kisses at me, waved and smiled. Then, when she sang Twenty Four Seven, I finally got to sing with her!! I can't describe how happy I was and still am. Thank you Tina for the best two hours in my life!!!

Martina Dahlgren

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