Tina Concert Live! Oct. 1
Live from Long Island
There we were front stage dead center front row and i mean front row !! and what's else happened oh yeah! I'm getting ready for Tina to come out and she comes out when they announce TINA TURNER then what happened on a little old song called "Fool In Love" she got up to the part Ooooooooo...... and I cut in and said there is something on my mind then Tina said wait Let's sing it together I was so sicked! and H@ppy about it .

Then "What's Love Got To Do With It?" then she said are they any men in the house tonight .... and I said yeah and then she said are they any boy's in the house and I said yeah and she looked straight at me .... then she had the mic up and it was on me for the moment sing it I went What's Love Got To Do With It ?.


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