Tina is a dam liar! You can't be 60 and look and sing like that. She is outrageous! What the hell does she eat? She is amazing! She should be given an award just for looking like this!!

Tina Turner
Live at the Nassau Coliseum
October 1st, 2000

Think about the last time you had the flu. What did you do?

Let's see. Did you run across a stage for 2 hours in 4-inch heels and sing ear popping tunes? Did you dance faster than people 30 years younger? Did you get into a crane and propel 16,000 people into a frenzy? Did you wear clothes that would make a 30-year-old woman green with envy?

It makes you feel guilty about calling in sick eating chicken shop doesn't it?

Tina Turner live in Long Island was the best concert I've ever been to. Tina was NOT in top-form but she was wonderful and the jam-packed house of 16,000 fans knew this and shouted and yelled.

Anyway Joe Crocker opened the show and I must say, "he stinks". If I were Tina I would find someone else to open my show because she will send people right to sleep. There were some really great songs that she sang but all in all his performance was bad. And people were there for Tina anyway

OK enough about him. Time for Tina Contrary to other reviews Tina was on the stage about 30 minutes after the Crocker was finished. As usual they did the work like you don't need the money and all that and then Ladies and Gentlemen TINA TURNER

Well 16,000 Long Islanders gave Tina Turner a standing ovation as she went into I wanna take you higher.

I Wanna Take You Higher
Tina opened the show with this number and I must say that this was a really great performance. Tina was really great and every time she and the dancers did a dance together everyone clapping and screaming for Tina. Tina was singing very quickly almost like she was rushing the show.

Absolutely nothing's changed
Tina looked tired and she really did not talk much. She was like " Is everybody here, the next song is ANC" and she moved right into it. I would say that she was pasting herself during the song, trying not to use up all the energy.

Fool In Love
One of my favourite songs, but it did not go over that well. They clapped but Tina deserved more than that for the song. Tina again did not talk that much she was like " I am going to take you on the journey of my career, starting in 1960" and she began. She sang well and hit all the high notes perfectly. The crowd did go wild when they saw the video of her singing in 1960.

Acid Queen
Another song that was not given all the love it should have. Tina did not perform this with the power she did in Poland. She sang it very well but not as well as in Poland. She was dancing and the people loved it but again not as good as in Poland

River Deep Mountain High

I don't think Americans know this song that well and maybe that is why it is not among the likes of what's love and Proud Mary. Anyway Tina sang this song with some really vigour but you could tell she was getting over the flu or still had it but she really did her best. And at 60 that is all you have to do. And plus I've seen her other performances of this song on other shows so I knew it was not an age thing! Tina was just sick.

We don't need another hero
Maybe Tina does this at every show but I really don't know. Tina was standing up singing this song really slowly and hardly moving. She looked like she was going to pass out because she was looking so zoned, or maybe that is how the song goes. The crowd loved when she got into the U shaped thing and came back to the stage.

Better be good to me
This must have been the first sing-along of the night. Not just the chorus but the entire song was sung along with Tina. We all loved the way she swings her head around with the girls at the end. She also coughed during this song, but she was giving her all. Now that was great. Most people were I was sitting were like "YOU SEE HOW THEM YOUNG DANCERS AND TRYING TO KEEP UP". Stacy Campbell took the stage to end the song and she was great. She has toured with Cher and Janet Jackson. But Tina is the only one that gave her a solo spot on her

Private Dancer
As you all know Tina comes up from in the stage. But no one appalled they just sat there and watched. Tina performed the song nicely but again she took the lower side of high notes and did not dance that strong.

Let's stay together
As Tina said "Were just having fun" and she sang this song well. It was the 2nd sing along of the night. Tina was great on this one

What's love got to do with it?
Maybe it's the fact that this is her only #1 song. Or maybe she sings it well. Whatever the case may be. The Nassau Colleuim's walls are still echoing with the sing along that Tina was given. Everyone, even the most conservative was up singing this song. And when Tina said she likes it rough "the show was over". Everyone exploded and Tina's energy seemed to explode. She was dancing and kicking like a mule. What's love brought fire back to the waning show. This was a really great song

When the Heartache Is Over
Another fantastic song. Surprisingly most people knew the words to this song. I mean the album did not do that well in America but they knew all the words. And at the end of the song. Tina told the band to give it to her one more time and she continued for another 5 minutes.

Hot Legs
How hot can your legs be if they are not Tina's. The girls were good and they kept everyone's attention while Tina changed. And I have to say Tina was changing entire outfits in less than 2 minutes. But she wore the same high heels during every song. I think she wore gold shoes with the gold dress in Europe but not tonight

Help, Whatever You Need, Sittin' On The Dock Of The Bay ,Try A Little

Tina slowed things down but you all know this. Anyway she sang wonderfully but the crowd was kinda bored and so was Tina. While John miles was singing she was looking at her nails and patting her stomach and daydreaming. Another song that was really great was Whatever you need. Again I was surprised but people knew all the words. When Tina sang Dock of the bay everyone sang along with her and she introduced Otis Redding. Anyway while singing Try a little tenderness (the crowd loved this) people kept yelling "PROUD MARY" "PROUD MARY" and Tina stopped and said " It's coming it's coming just be patient". Tina said in the past that Americans really don't want to hear her new work they just want PROUD MARY. That's why it's always
at the end of the show.

Steamy Windows
POOR POOR POOR. I really thought Tina was going to do a better performance. She sang really low and danced slowly. It was like during the entire show her energy was going in and out. Anyway the audience just watched and clapped at the end but Tina was not in top form. And another thing. Usually at the end of this song the girls move back into the screen and Tina walks around the stage and then goes back. But Tina rushed the song and went backstage. By the way she wore the jacket over the first outfit she performed in. But the coliseum was COLD!!!!!!!

Addicted to love
Tina energy once again went through the roof. She was in the mini dress and all the gals over 40 were green with envy.!!!! She was really great. But her voice was a little off and she did not hit the high notes at all. She stayed low and they were having mike problems periodically throughout the show.

The best
As always. This was the loudest sing-along of the night. It would bring tears to your eyes to see how many people loved this song. I mean if they could they would barge that stage. Tina was just fabulous during the song and the dance in the middle was outrageous.

Introducing the band
Tina was wonderful she introduced the dancers as her European flowers and said that Lisa Fisher may tour with Mick Jagger but she is Tina's now. Anyway after she introduced everyone she was like " And the one the I want you all the clap and give the most love to is TINA" I mean everyone jumped up and laughed at how funny and cute Tina was. She is a diva without being a bitch like Diana Ross.

Proud Mary
Tina said, " I someone that deserves even more applauds than Tina is this next girl. Her name is Mary. I mean Tina could have walked arouses the entire arena with the noise waves created by the crowd. Tina was fantastic. This was the song everyone came for and she was like an animal dancing to this song. I loved it Anyway most people thought that Proud Mary was the last song because Tina run to each side of the stage and did a little courtesy and then left. About 10% of the crowd left. But hey I knew what was coming up and it was the best part of the show

Nutbush City Limits
I think Tina was saving her energy for this song. I mean she was out dancing
the dancers on the stage and I mean that so literary. Anyway she got on the
arm and went over the crowd. I mean theses people acted like they were
seeing god. Tina was so wonderful. Anyway she runs out the little basket
onto the trestle and I was looking at her feet. She was jumping and spinning
like she was on the main stage. I truly thought she was going to fall.
Anyway she was so scary her face was looking really mean and stern and she
was ordering us she was like "SAY NUTBUSH" GIMME AGAIN SAY NUTBUSH and
16,000 people were happily her slaves.
After that she thanked everyone and took the final bow. She looked tired and
did not stay around to collect the followers and things that I saw people
had for her. She just left.


Think about the last time you had the flu. What did you do?

Let's see. Did you run across a stage for 2 hours in 4-inch heels and sing
ear popping tunes? Did you dance faster than people 30 years younger? Did
you get into a crane and propel 16,000 people into a frenzy? Did you wear
clothes that make jealous 40-year-old women green with envy? It makes you feel guilty about calling in sick eating chicken shop doesn't it?


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