Tina in chocolate and whipped cream? Well...take a look at this:

On Tina's 60 birthday I wanted to do something special. After a lot of thinking I decided to have a birthday party for her at my school. As you all know Tina couldn't attend, because she had to be in Zürich (hehe).
   Anyway, me and some friends bought candy and  balloons and my aunt, who works at a bakery, made this cake for us. Isn't it beautiful?! The picture was eatable because it was made of wafer.
   We begged our teacher for permission to have the party at school and he cancelled his lessons! Me and my friend decorated the classroom and me, my teacher and my class ate candy and cake, listened to Tina songs and sang along. My teacher played River Deep Mountain High so loud that I thought my ears would burst.
   We cut the cake and it felt so strange eating Tina's right eye. My French teacher saw the cake and said he just had to have Tina's mouth so we gave it to him.
Tina, you don't know what you missed!

My aunt made this second cake for me on my 17th birthday. She's painted Tina on the cake with chocolate. I think it's extremely beautiful and my aunt is very talented. What do you think? 

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