The Cleaner v1.9d 10/05/98

The Cleaner v1.9d 10/05/98
This program will clean up several trojans and has the potential
to clean up after any trojan attack.

Fixed a couple of minor bugs.
Adjusted scanning routine.
No new trojans have been sent or found yet.

Version 1.9c 09/27/98
Well, it seems I was a little overzealous in my version numbers so I am trying to cut back ;)
Added Phase-0
Will now scan all fixed drives.
Added a new method for finding trojans that use the Run/RunServices keys.

Version 1.9b 09/26/98
*really this time!* Fixed a bug where there was a false positive on the Control trojan.

Version 1.9 09/24/98
Added the WarTools trojan.
Added a hacked Back Orifice (boserve) cleaner.
Added Deep BO.

Version 1.8 09/22/98
Added a "Detect All" button.
Sped up searches.
Wrote a new trojan fingerprint engine.
Fixed a couple of bugs.

Added HELLIRC (again)... it vanished a few versions back.

Version 1.7 09/20/98
Increased the speed of searches by 10 fold.
Added the OCE trojan.
Added the Route32b trojan.

Version 1.6 09/18/98
Fixed a problem with floating point conversion and non-English versions of Windows.
Fixed a problem with finding the config file.
Added trojan cleaner for Masters Paradise.
Updated trojan cleaner for DMSETUP2 to find all variants.

Version v1.5 09/15/98

Added a few new cleaning options
Added trojans:
NetBus 1.6
Enigma's Setup Trojan
ICQ Protector
ICQ Trojen

Version 1.4 09/12/98
Changed the interface to allow more control over what TheCleaner does.
Added a rudimentary detect routine to check for infection.

Version 1.3 09/07/98
After reports of some problems with NON-English versions of Windows, I have
disabled the "invalid directory" cleanup until I can find a way to keep it
from trashing good directories.

Version 1.2 08/20/98
Added more aggressive searching for files referenced in the registry.
Will now delete (space).exe or any other name for Back Orifice.

Version 1.1 08/11/98
Added more efficient and thourough search and destroy routines.

Version 1.0 08/10/98
First release, not much to say :)

Please send any info about other trojans to
It will help if you include the trojan for dissection.

Don't forget to visit for the
latest news and protection/cleanup software.


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