BOTest: Freeware

BOTest: Freeware

The hacker group "Cult of the Dead Cow" has released an very powerful "back door"
for Windows 95/98 called "Back Orfice". Back Orfice installs itself on your
computer and is run upon startup without you knowing it.

BOTest is a simple utility which will scan your Windows 95/98 registry
for the presence of Back Orfice, and will allow you to delete the registry value
and executable if you wish.

As a bonus BOTest will show you what other programs are being run through your
registry and will allow them to be deleted as well.

Please be aware that you use this software AT YOUR OWN RISK. The software
permanantly deletes registry values and files.

Instructions for use:

1. Click "Read Registry Keys"
2. Click "Scan for Back Orfice"
3. Select the values you want to remove and click "Remove Selected"
N.B. This option will remove the registry values and executables from your machine.
Do not do this unless you are sure that you want to remove this file.

Please submit comments and bug reports to:

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